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Toilets-There’s lot to know about

Can someone tell me that what’s that black ball in the tummy of this cute teddy?

The gift that no one has ever given to his girlfriend. Shit!!! This was a shit of someone that made a fulfilling stomach of this teddy in the wall hanging.

Toilet-The word itself is seen as a disgust still in many parts of our country, but someone somewhere had been thinking to take it to more and more people and educating them about their importance.

Many people even the native ones of DELHI don’t even know that TOILET MUSEUM type of place can exist and do exist in their very own city.

The thirst of knowing new things every weekend got me to the toilet museum this Sunday. To my surprise, the people they had appointed there were so much willing to guide and help us, and this all was for FREE. Yes, Entirely FREE.

In a country like India where the only free thing is ADVICE, I got to know this another free thing, that too an awesome one.

Going further where  I was talking about the Museum. At entry itself, my friend and I got greetings and a smiling guidance from the guard at the door, who led us to the museum inside the arena.

Amazed by the set up of Indian Toilet Seats in the open Area and the toilets of old times (Around 20 years ago) we entered the exhibition hall where we saw the history of toilets of last five thousand years from the third millennium B.C. to the end of the 20th century.

Little bit confused but excited we were trying to understand the pots and models kept around and numerous pictures hanging on the wall.

There comes a smiling helping staff again saying –“May I help you or you want to explore the place on your own.”

Wishing to get the most out of our visit we decided to take her help. Giggling, Thinking and Amazing were the expressions what we were experiencing at that small decent place.

Ohh!! Can we call a place with lots and lots of toilets a decent place??

Why not?

So the Amazing things that I can recollect were like-

In ancient times, the toilets were consisting of two stories where the upper story was used by the superior Officers and the lower story or lower floor was used by the employees.(Discrimination in going Potty too.. Uff!!God Save these people)

 Then moving further we saw some King’s Seat that he used to excrete and to listen his audience at the same time. Much like our toilet Seats these days you know.

The Space Toilet where the guide told me that the waste is converted into drinking water made me think YuKK!!

Some funny posters were there that make us laugh too.

The Guide told us about the Convertible Seats that can be converted into both Indian and English Style.

After all this exploration, we thought we have done enough Paisa Wasool (Value for Money.) which was not even charged by the generous people, we step out of the museum hall.

Where some strange things attracted us towards them. A gentleman working in the science lab was our next target who was going to be our teacher and a GOOGLE (from which we could ask anything) for next few minutes.

They told us that the strange things that had magnetically attracted us towards them were-

1.Fish Food 

2.Hard Balls

Exploring minds you know. Hard Balls were the things that were compelling us to take next half an hour of that gentleman.

Explaining in a same polite way, he told us that these are the balls that were made from human excreta and even then had no smell of their own.

I hope you still remember that tummy of the teddy.These were the same hard balls from which the tummy of that teddy is made of.

Ending our Trip, we tasted some delicious CHOLE-BHATURE from the famous shop nearby and headed towards our home happily.

If you too have the same thirst of knowing about these exciting and amusing places you can visit this Toilet Museum at

Sulabh Bhawan, Palam Dabri Road, Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110045.
Happy Visiting !!!

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