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Delighted Customer is Your Best Brand Ambassador

"Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement."

James Cash Penney

The above quote and the title are pointing to just one thing and yes that is- “The Customer Value”
Value your customer, and the customer will value you. Earn their loyalty and enjoy the benefits from an army of potential brand ambassadors.
Because, if they are happy with your products and the services, they would definitely be recommending it to their circles and thus results in word of mouth marketing.
Their proactive and honest reviews will show their trust towards the brand and encourage others to go for it too.
What can you do on your part?
Ø Identify the customers who are eligible to be the part of your marketing efforts. Find out who can be interested in sharing their positive experience with their fellows.
Ø After identifying these group of potential benefiters, the next task to be done is monitor their behaviour towards the brand, and respond to all their queries in an informative way.
Ø The more, you make them feel like boss, the more they will relate to your brand. Make them feel like as if they are the inseparable part of your brand family and you value their suggestions in every way.
Why should you do this?
ü The customer is the only way through which you can make yourself aware of the exact market scenario and its needs.
ü Following the validations and invalidations from a customer can help you improve your product/service in a better way.
ü They are the ones who can bring more and more prospective buyers as your new customers.
Merrier Customers means Merrier You-
If the customers are satisfied and happy, you will automatically be satisfied with the increased sales. To keep them delighted you must focus on the display of your store.
·       Offer attractive displays- The more innovative and impressive displays will attract more customers and will keep their mood fresh and merrier.
·       Discount Baskets- Baskets near the cash counters having a discount board over them always fascinate the customers and will attract them to buy and spread the news to their fellows.
·       Surprise them with new store layout- Change the layout of your store, now and then to make them feel amazed at their every single visit. They will find it interesting to find the hidden surprises across your store.
·       Vertical Displays-Vertical Displays allows you to show more and more at a single place. It will ensure the easy reach of your customers to the targeted products.
Thus the more they will buy, the more will be the chances of further recommendations. Keep them happy, and they will be your brand ambassadors in no time.

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