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Bhayia Stayfree Hai Kya?

Sadhaaran si baat lekin asaadhaaran se reactions

Kal jese hi office se ghar phunchi to paaya ki periods start ho gye hain aur sanitary napkins khatam hone vale hain. 

Husband ke thke hone ke kaaran meine unhe khaa ki aap rest kro niche ek nyi dukaan khuli hai mein vhaa se apne liye stayfree le aau.

Niche utri, gharwalo ko bina kuch bole, vajah- Sadhaaran si baat lekin asaadhaaran se reactions.

Dukaan vale ko bola- Bhayia Stayfree Hai Kya?

Nya tha shayad vo! Pta nhi tha use apni dukaan par rkhi items ka jyada.

Bola - Kya Madam?

Meine thoda aur clearly bola- Bhayia Stay- Free Hai Kya? STAY- FREE.

Fir bhi nhi smjh aaya to meine thoda aur clear krne k liye do-teen prayvaachi shabd use kiye.

Bhayia Sanitary Napkins… Pads… kuch esa hai kya aapke paas?

To use shayad thoda andaaza hua ki mein kya maang rhi hu….

Sankosh se bola ye andar aa k dekh lijiye.

Mein dukaan k andar gyi.. Vhaan rkhe do brands me se ek liya aur uski trf bdhaaya..

Usne fir Sadhaaran si baat lekin asaadhaaran se reactions ke saath vo packet pakda aur polythene me daalne lga.

Nya hone ke kaaran vo itna sakucha gya tha ki pese bhi nhi hisaab lga paa rha tha ki meine kitne diye aur use kitne vaapis krne hain!

Hain na ajeeb baat?
Akhir Kyu?

Kyu hmaare desh me condom, pads jesi Sadhaaran si cheezo par asaadhaaran se reactions diye jaate hain?

Kya is trh se hm trakki kar re hain? Ya kbhi kar payenge?

Give your views in the comment sections below..

Also, it’s Time to Know Some Unknown Facts about the Periods-

Take a Look-

According to The study, published in the journal Psychological Science Men are LESS attracted to women on their periods.

According to the survey done by Professor Pine from the University of Hertfordshire, Period turns women into a shopaholics. So they shop more 10 days before their periods begin.

According to a study published in the journal Ethologyperiods affects the way their voice sounds. The reason is- "Cells from the larynx and vagina are very similar and show similar hormone receptors."
In the case of "vicarious menstruation", Periods can make women bleed from OTHER parts of their body—not just the uterus.
There are a lot of women who have back or vein pain with their period. This could be a sign of high estrogen and can be serious too.

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