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How Much Is Adequate Drinking Water for Health?

Most of the Doctors are say, every human are needs daily 2 litters of drinking water for health. Physical Doctors and Sports trainers are agree on that. If you are research about the topic on the online, Then, you will find conflicting opinions. So, how much is adequate drinking water for health?

Does Your Body Need Drinking Water for Health?

:: Ask your brain if it needs drinking water for health. Your brain is made up of about 85 percent water. It will be a major concern for your brain if you deprive it of the water it needs.

:: Prick your finger, and ask your blood if it needs drinking water for health. Human blood is approximately 79 percent water. As it transports nutrients to various parts of your body, and oxygen to your lungs, your blood needs drinking water for health.

:: Ask your kidneys if they need drinking water for health. Your kidneys are twin machines responsible to clean your body of waste materials, but if they do not have enough water, the machinery cannot work properly. Wastes will build in your body, causing disease and illness.

:: Human muscles are approximately 74 percent water. How well will they support your body and do the work you assign them each day if the percentage drops too low. Ask them if they need drinking water for health.

:: Your bones are about 22 percent water, and certainly need drinking water for health. So do your teeth, your eyes, and your skin.

Our bodies can live for weeks without food. This author once fasted for 28 days to lose weight, and lived nicely without food – but not without water. The human body cannot live more than a few days without water.

How Much Drinking Water do You Need for Health? 

Most people today do not drink enough water. Some believe they get all the water they need in food, but do they? Water is constantly leaving your body through natural processes, and must be replenished.

Here is one of the easiest ways to calculate your daily need of drinking water for health.

Weigh yourself. Divide your weight in half. Divide that number by 8. That’s how many 8-ounce glasses you need daily in order to get adequate drinking water for health.

For example, suppose you weigh 150 pounds. Dividing that in half, you get 75. Dividing 75 by 8, you get 9.375. You need a daily 9 to 10 glasses in order to get drinking water for health.

Do You Need Extra Drinking Water for Health?

When you are active, you should drink an extra 8 ounce glass for every 20 minutes of exercise. Your body will expel the extra water through perspiration as it cools your body.

When you travel by plane, you should get an extra hourly glass of drinking water for health. If you drink alcohol when you fly, you will need another glass of water for every glass of alcohol.

How to Get Adequate Drinking Water for Health 

Active schedules mean being in places where water may not be readily available. Make a habit of planning your day, and carrying water with you everywhere you go.

If this is not feasible, make a point of drinking a glass of water every two hours. If you wait until you feel thirsty, you are already getting dehydrated.

Take the Urine Test 

To see if you are getting adequate drinking water for health, do a quick urine test. When you relieve yourself, check the color of your urine. If it is very dark yellow with a strong odor, you are not getting enough water. The only time your urine should appear dark is your first release in the morning..

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