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Saturday Night Live: The Best and the Worst Music Hosts

The human race developed advanced technology to get rid of their daily life issues and introduce more ease. However, with the growing use of the technology, the people are becoming more restless and the energy from their lives seems to have disappeared somewhere in the tasks bundled up on their to-do lists. To have an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, people head towards different hobbies and time killing tasks. Listening to music is one of the many ways people use to relax their minds and enjoy a good time away from their tensions.

Now there are many categories of music for people to choose from. Some people love to listen to Jazz or Rap music while others prefer to listen to Classical or Traditional music. Moreover, there is another category of people that likes to listen to their religious music more than any other options. Matt Maher, Don Moen, William Mathews, and Robin Mark songs are famous in the Christian community. Coming towards Muslim Ummah, the people like to listen to Sami Yusuf, Zain Bhikha, Maher Zain, and Ahmed Bukhatir Nasheeds.

Looking at the everyday increasing demand for the new songs and the never-ending interest of people in music has opened the gates of opportunities for new singers. Apart from new singers entering the market, the TV channels have started to make many musical shows to provide the viewers an easy way of keeping them entertained and to earn better revenuesas well. Out of the musical TV shows, Saturday Night Live is one of the most loved and widely watched TV show. The show has completed more than 40 seasons and is still getting great reviews from its viewers on NBC channel. 

However, people do not like all The Saturday Night Live musical hosts the same. Here is a compiled list of the Saturday Night Live: the best and the worst music hosts.

The Best Music Hosts

There are many reasons this show is cheered by the people and one of those reasons is their exceptional list of the music hosts they share the set with. Here are some of the best music hosts the show has ever had.

Debbie Harry: Debbie Harry was one of the most iconic figures of her time. She was invited on the stage of Saturday Night Live in 1981 and the ratings of the show went on a peak. The people absolutely loved her presence on the screen and enjoyed the show.

Kelly Clarkson: Kelly Clarkson is an outstanding songwriter and singer. Upon the demand of the people, she was made a part of the show in 2004, 2009 and 2011. The ratings of the show those nights went to 8 approx. Due to her popularity we might see her again on the show.

The Black Keys: The Black Keys is a rock band that is cherished by the majority of America. They were seen on the stage of Saturday Night Live in 2011 and 2014. The ratings of the show recorded from those episodes come out to be 5 approx. 

The Worst Music Hosts

Not every day is the best day for every show and same is the case with Saturday Night Live. Some singers are considered as the worst ones in the history of the show. Here are some names from that list.

CeeLo Green: CeeLo Green is an American rapper who is known for his famous albums. However, sharing the stage of Saturday Night Live with him in 2011 made the show suffer a huge drop in the ratings. The reasons are still unknown to the people. 

Lana Del Rey: She is also an American singer who has made a separate spot in the hearts of the listeners through her amazing work. She was invited to the show in 2012 right after Kelly Clarkson and the ratings of the show dropped really badly. She was not invited on the show since then.

Drake: This Canadian rapper is loved by people for the mind-blowing songs he has produced in his career. Looking at his popularity, the show decided to invite her in an episode but the things did not go as expected and the ratings went down.

The show is a huge success in itself and it plans to continue being one with brilliant ideas of its producers. Since the religious music is also loved by many people the show should consider inviting some famous singers of Christian songs and nasheed songs.

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