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How IoT is Revolutionizing the Telecommunication Industry?

Internet of things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physicalobjects that is revolutionizing the way we interact and communicate with technology. It is the idea of connecting electronic and software embedded physical devices to the internet, and enabling them to exchange data. Statistics claim that usage of IoT for business and personal in various sectors is growing and will skyrocket in coming years. They believe that by 2020, more than 21 billion devices will be connected via internet.

Experts believe that IoT is driving the fourth industrial revolution that will completely change the way of human-to-machine interaction as well as machine-to-machine interaction. Thus, in order to provide efficient applications and networks, the telecommunication industry is capitalizing on its infrastructure by adopting IoT. 

Here are some of the major ways IoT is revolutionizing the telecommunication industry:

Data-driven Network

With increased amounts of data, adoption of cloud computing services has become important for communication service providers (CSPs), as they offer value propositions in accordance with consumer preferences. This hasledenterprises to adopt a data-centric approach in order to make smart devices stay connected with internet without interruption and difficulties. Modern-day enterprises aim to provide highest quality network in terms of data consumption, as a consistent service on various devices would mark their dominance in the connected network world. 

Increased Resource Investment

As IoT connects physical devices from cars to phone, all requiring varied amounts of data and data speed, thetelecommunication industry is increasing its resources to provide internet data to consumers in accordance with theirrequirement. Since the networking area has widened with increased number of connected devices, telecom companies have started to partner with top cloud service providers in India in order to cope up withtechnical challenges and reduce operational cost. 


Though enterprises are adopting a customer-centric approach, IoT still aids them in increasing profits and decreasing expenditure. Since it works with software-defined networking and network functioning visualization, it minimizes the operational cost of enterprises. Service providers also monetize their data to boost profits by providing data services compatible with upcoming, new devices. 

Value Generation

IoT has emerged as a game changer in the telecom industry as has led to ashift in philosophies and focus. Until the advent of IoT, enterprises bed rocked on making money and increasing profit margins. But now they are shifting their focus towards building partnerships and creating a healthy company-consumer relationship. These shift in values are customer-centric and in accordance with long-term goals, cost-efficiency, convenience, and co-creation.  

Inception of IoT has increased the value of integration, cooperation, and collaboration in the telecom industry. The industry has adapted to changing network scenarios and provides services which are beneficial for the consumers. However, it is extremely important to leverage the services of only the leading IoT server providers in India having globally recognized certified consultants with rich experience in helping the telecommunication industry redefine consumer experience while increasing business efficiency and productivity.

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