Facts behind Girls' love for Golgappa's

I don’t like gol gappas,’ said no girl ever. No Indian girl, anyhow. On the contrary, the prospect of a gol gappa outing elicits the same level of excitement as a date with the man of their dreams, if not more. So what is it about gol gappas that makes  girls’ go crazy & give them a foodgasm. We asked a few girls why they loved to indulge in gol gappas and here’s what they said:
1.It adds just the right amount of spice to life.

2.You never have to work hard to find them. The gol gappas find you instead. In fact, they
call out to you from their little bulb-lit racks.

3.It defies everything you have been told about maintaining a lady-like demeanor. There couldn’t be a tastier way to flout societal stereotypes.

4.There is a flavor for every mood and temperament. It is sweet, spicy, tangy, and crunchy, all the once.

5.The extra shot of paani one gets at the end of a munching session. FYI, in some parts of the country, they give you a complementary dry puri instead of extra helping of paani. I mean what’s that about!

6.It is always affordable, even when you are down to the last 100 bucks for the month.

7.It is healthier than a lot of other junk food options. And way tastier. Between gol gappas and French fries or burgers or even a Sub, the former will always win hands down.

8.It has got your back. Always.
9.It works like a charm for PMS. The instant hit of flavors lifts up your mood better than a tub of ice-cream and the pudina-packed paani eases those killer cramps in a jiffy.

10.You don’t feel guilty after having one too many gol gappas. Heck, there is no such thing as too many gol gappas.
11. Khatte paani wale gol gappe, meethay paani wale gol gappe, teekhe paani wale gol gappe, mix paani wale gol gappe, sooji wale gol gappe, aate wale gol gappe, dahi poori…it turns out to be an extremely versatile street food and you’ll always have a hard time picking your favorite variety.

12.There couldn’t be a better way to bond with girl friends than over some gol gappa binging at your favorite roadside stall.
13.It is the best way to a get a consensus on a plan to eat out.
14.It’s low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about wearing your lipstick or winged eye-liner for a gol gappa outing. It is best enjoyed in a pair of PJs.

15.It is prepared right in front of your eyes, so no having to worry about hygiene, especially now that the vendors are super particular about those disposable gloves.

16.You can customize it as per your taste and that’s the way I like to eat.

17.That very pronounced pop you feel after putting an entire gol gappa in your mouth and the tear-eyed after effect. If that’s not exciting food, what is!

Whatever your reason for loving gol gappas, we can all agree that there is never a wrong time for enjoying this flavor packed street snack. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next gol gappa escapade soon.

Source: https://blog.ketchupp.in/asked-girls-love-gol-gappas-much-heres-said/
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