Tried and Tested Facts for coping up with Bhaang Ka Nasha

It’s that time of the year again when the crazy festival of holi is set to drench you in colours, gujiyas and bhang! While the colors and gujiya weight you might be able to get rid of, it’s the nasty bhang hangover we are worried about. Remember last holi when you were squeamish all week post a few bhang gulps and swore never to consume this intoxicating liquid again? Well, you know that isn’t going to happen, given the infectious holi energy, so how does one have his bhang and not get a hangover too?
Here are the 5 tried and tested methods to get rid of that ‘bhangover’:
1.HYDRATION: Drinking plenty of water can prevent as well as combat a bhang hangover. If your body has sufficient water then the effects of bhang will be mitigated, similarly if you are suffering from a bhang hangover increase your water intake. You could also squeeze some lemon juice in the water to restore the body’s salts.
2.HIGH FIBRE FOODS: Fruits and vegetables have high fibre content. You can munch on some fruits and veggies or have a light salad to counter the effects of bhang. The high anti-oxidant content in these foods will nip the effect of bhang.
3.WARM SHOWER: Spend some more time in the shower post holi. The soothing effect of warm water will help relax your senses and reduce the intensity of the headache.
4.GREEN TEA: A hot cup of green tea or a soothing herbal tea such as jasmine/chamomile will help to reduce the hangover. It will have a calming effect on your stomach as well as your senses and take the drowsiness away. Avoid normal tea of coffee as it can further aggravate the bhangover.
5.WALK IT OFF: As tiresome as it may sound, taking a walk post the holi-bhang session is actually very relaxing. The fresh air will do wonders to fight the mean hangover and make you feel invigorated and refreshed. Try it out this time!
These were a few tips to cure a hangover. If none of the above work for you then sleeping it off is the best remedy!
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