5 Crazy Things to replace colors this holi

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For all the Holi enthusiasts, here are five variants you can experiment with, apart from the regular gulal and colours. 

(Some might even make you cringe)

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Holi is just around the corner and we know how eagerly you have been waiting for it. But if you are following the regular drill of getting the colours, buying pichkaris, filling balloons with coloured water, then we suggest you try something new this year; because smearing your friends' face with 'organic' colours is so mainstream.

From absurd to disgusting, here are some crazy things you can use while playing Holi this season. 


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Water is good. Colours are fine. Hard colours are okay. How about a little bit of dirty water... umm, okay, but just a little. But mud is the best! Has there been a Holi party without a mud fight? No! Mud, muck or slimy mud, you can choose from the options.


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Grease, oil and lubricants:

Yes grease it is! If you think that this is too extreme, then let us tell you about Cascamorras, a festival celebrated every year in Spain where the residents of Baza paint themselves -- from head to toe -- in black paint, oil, grease and defend their beloved statue of the Virgin Mary from a resident (the Cascamorra) of the neighbouring town of Guadix who tries to steal it. They would pelt the intruders with eggs and coloured waters ensuring their failure.

Rotten tomatoes:

Taking some hints from Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, get your hands laid on some entirely rotten and smelly tomatoes and ATTACK!

Cow dung:

Image Source: http://www.patrika.com/news/festivals/here-hindu-saint-will-play-holi-with-cowdung-and-urine-1248993/

Well we only suggest using this if you have the heart to pick it up, or better grab hold of your friends and throw them into the dung.
Caution: It is suggested to use these things carefully and not go overboard with it. Happy Holi!

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