6 Facts that prove that Mother Nature is really cruel to women

Why blame the society, when nature has not done us women any justice! 

Being a woman is not easy. Not easy at all. We are belittled for a plethora of reasons every day. Be it for wearing a simple, harmless garment like jeans to laughing too loud, the society is quick to show us our place.
While men who rape and molest women are let off easily because they have a d**k, it is the victim who is blamed for wearing a skirt, stepping out of her house late in the evening, and having a vagina. So, basically it's always the woman's fault.
Ladies, it's not the just the world, who is harsh and cruel to us, it's biology in general. And we have proof.
Aunty Flo Is a Boon And a Bane
Yes, periods are a normal part of every woman's life. And that's the catch. Only women. Men don't menstruate because biologically they can't get pregnant. The nature has not provided them with ovaries, a uterus, and eggs that end up on a sanitary pad every month.
But, it's not just the menstrual cycle we are complaining about. Along with it comes premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which leads to acne, cramps, headaches, fatigue, and mood swings. Now, imagine being called a moody b***h, when it's actually your hormones who are to be blamed.

First-Time Sex Is Painful For WomenDon't let novels and films fool you into believing that a million stars explode when you have sex for the first time. It is shit painful. Men feel a little bit of discomfort too--mostly because their skin stretches too. But the ordeal that women go through is something else. After all, men don't have to take in a hard piece of flesh and a good pounding.

That Damn Virginity TestNow, this is totally unfair. There are tests that can find out if a woman is a virgin or not, but there is no such ground-breaking test for men. You don't even need to go to a hospital to find out the truth. A broken hymen is proof enough. In fact, families in India end marriages over this trivial issue. 

Women Are More Prone To STDs. Thank You Vagina
Courtesy of the female anatomy, women are more at the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. You see, our genitals are thinner and more delicate than male organs. Also, not to forget that the lady part down there has an opening that leads to a genital tract. This entry gives easy access to bacteria and viruses to proceed inside. And what do you get? Syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and a variety of other STDs in the end.

Pregnancy And Everything That Comes Along With It
Women are child bearers. They give birth to new life. The idealism is heart-touching. But, all the poets talking about the beauty of conceiving don't know the horrors every pregnant woman has to go through.
Apart from a bloated tummy, nausea, the need to pee frequently, constipation, and extreme cramps are an every day occurrence during pregnancies. And trust us, the pregnancy glow people keep talking about--that's just a dream.

Boobs. Why do Women Need Them?
The sole reason why women have been bestowed with circular mounds of flesh is because they are biologically crafted to breastfeed. Yup, they are not just there for show.
Not only women have to cage them in a bra for support all through their lives--which is very uncomfortable by the way--they also have to pay the price of having mammary glands. Did you know that women end up in severe pain while lactating if for some reason they can't breastfeed? Not to forget the fever they find themselves in.
But, men they have no such troubles plaguing their lives.  

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