Beard And Skin Care For Holi

We want you to have a really good time. Go out there, play and get as dirty as you want to be. Follow these simple instructions to ensure that colors won’t take away your good looks.

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Pre Holi Care for your Beard, Skin and Hair

Oil your face and body thoroughly using a good amount of olive or coconut oil. Oil works as a shield and protects the skin from the chemicals which the colors may have. Do it thoroughly and be generous.

Congratulations You are now holi-ready!

Post Holi 


  • Use Cold water to wash your skin, avoid hot/ luke warm water as this open the pores of your skin and allows the colors to settle in

  • Use the Ustraa body wash to bathe, rub thoroughly all over.

  • That good looking face of yours deserves special attention. it has received its share of chemicals via the colours. Now give it an all natural, chemical free treat.

  • Use a moisturizer post shower to avoid dryness.

  •  Drink plenty of water.


  • Use our beard wash to clean your beard thoroughly, your beard deserves this.

  • Once done, towel dry and apply mooch and beard tonic to condition it.

  • You are good to go brother!


  • Use a cleansing shampoo to wash your hair.

  • The use of a conditioner post the shampoo wash is advisable; rinse thoroughly.

Don’t let the good time mess with your good looks!  Have a great Holi!

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