Some useful Delhi Metro Hacks

Sketch Artist: Robin Verma

  • Start pretending as if you are about to puke and putting your hand on mouth. Looking at you, people will start running away from you like deers run away from lion. In best cases you might even get a seat.

  • Well this is for those regular office goers who have to stand in a long queue for baggage scanners. And applicable only if a girl accompanies you regularly for travel. You can give your bag to the lady and go directly inside without having to go through the queue. The ladies queue is generally very small and she will not have to wait that long and hence in a just a few seconds you can save at least 15 mins in a rush time.

  • In the Delhi Metro your decisions are made by the tide of people who will either push you in or out of the metro. The metro is jam packed and people are in a hurry, always. So, while boarding / de-boarding the train and during the journey, hold your bag in front of you.

  • There are more chances to get a seat at stations like Rajiv Chowk, Mandi House and Central Secretariat, so keep yourself close to seats while approaching these stations.

  • The vestibule (space between two coaches) is the coolest place to stand in the metro.

  • Want a seat while boarding train from a busy station like Rajeev chowk? Let's say You want to go huda city center from Rajeev chowk. Enter in Rajeev chowk metro station, take opposite side of metro jahagirpuri from there. Deboard just one station away from Rajeev chowk and board the metro for hudacity center from there i.e. for your destination thus you don't need to pay anything for your reversal journey as you haven't exit from the station you just change the platform.Since many people deboard the train at stations like Rajeev chowk, there is a very high chance that you will get a seat.

                                                                                 Sketch Artist : Robin Verma

  • Some trains have 6 bogeys others 8, the one with 6 are typically more crowded. Prefer an 8 coach over a 6 coach. If it’s an 8 coach , try to board the last or second last coach they are generally less crowded or suprisingly stranded empty as most of the people flock at the 6th coach and dont move to the back.

  • Suppose a person P1 board a metro from point A for some point B.

        Another person P2 boards a metro from point B for point A.

        Trick is to exchange the tokens/smart card in any station between A & B, the machine has no way to track the person who enters and can be fooled.
         P.S: Don't use this trick.

  • Dont leave your earphones connected to your mobile phones when not in use. The wire of earphones are used to pull the phones out of pocket in (extreme) rush hours. Result:  You are only left with earphones.

  • Keep your metro card/token ready at the exit/entry points. The queues are ever growing. The person behind you is getting more impatient by the millisecond and you rummaging through your pockets or jhola is just simply annoying and negligent.

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