This Holi, Try some new type of Gujhia Recipie.

There is absolutely no doubt that Holi is one of the messiest festivals ever. Although it's a festival of colours and joy, it also brings with it a number of goodies in the name of food. The one thing that brightens up every face is the delicious 'Gujiya'-a deep fried, sugar-syrup laced, crescent shaped sweet which is filled with even sweeter filling.

So keeping in mind the spring season and Holi, let us present to you 10 different kinds of gujiyas to indulge in this Holi season!

1. The Original Gujiya

With a pinch of nutmeg powder and crushed nuts, the filling inside with khoya (dried whole milk) can make wonders in your mouth. The usual Gujiya which is tried and tested for ages now but that pinch of nutmeg can make all the difference.

2. The Chocolate Gujiya

You just cannot imagine making a derivative of sweet dish without thinking of chocolate. Melted chocolate poured into the sweet pockets of deliciousness can only mean one thing - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So, do try this wicked variation of Gujiya.

Hint - Use dark chocolate for the botched up dark yumminess!

3. The Desi Coconut Gujiya

The usual winner which is already adored by many for amount of crumbles it produces is a must try this Holi. This variation can be made better by using sweetened ground coconut with flakes of mixed nuts.

4. The Bhaang Gujiya

The only time India allows the use of cannabis for general public is during festival of Holi. And people go dunking these from one holi party to another. If you're tired of the usual bhaang in thandai version, treat your friends to a dose of Bhaang Gujiya. A sweetened take on the Bhaang and a different take on the usual Gujiya!

5. The Nutella Gujiya

Whenever someone invents a sweet dish which requires a filling, someone on the planet should definitely try it out with Nutella. After all, the combination of Gujiyas and Nutella is deadly. Be it the tiresome post-holi chilling or any usual laidback evenings - this does the job for everyone with a sweet tooth!

6. The Jam Gujiya

Just the mere mention of jam in a gujiya evokes enough sweetness around you. Well, you can't overdose on this one, as it will be difficult to manage more than one at a time. A yummy iteration that one should definitely try this holi!

7. The Fresh Fruit Gujiya

Yes, freshly cut or baked, fruits make for one of the best fillings for a Gujiya. Crispy, crunchy on the outside and fresh and melting on the inside makes a weird , yet tempting combination.

8. The Halwa Gujiya

This is an interesting approach to make some of the weird iteration of the Gujiya ever. Any halwa (a sweet Indian confectionary) be it the usual sooji (semolina), or Gajar (carrot) or Moong Dal (mung bean) will make an amazing stuffing for this unusual type of Gujiya!

9. The Baked Gujiya

A mix of grated coconut and dried milk solids with nuts will make an amazing filling for this baked delight. This is extremely fat-free, low on sweet count and is a life savior for diabetic people. A must have for every family holi party!

10. The Coulourful Gujiya

Whatever the filling may be, you can add edible colours to the dough to make them look appealing. Although this sounds like a bizarre idea, but the real fun would be to spread the joy of colours in every true sense.

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