What are 10 most amazing facts about Google?

Here are some facts i felt are worth trying once.
1. Play “Atari Breakout”(Google Images)

Go to Google Images, type "Atari Breakout", hit the Search button, wait for a second for the game to start.

2. Play Pacman

Type "Pacman" and click Search. Click to start playing the game.

3. Play Zerg Rush

Type "zerg rush" and click Search in Google Search to play this  cheeky game. Your page is taken over by little o’s and you have to click  on them destroy them, before they destroy your search results.

4. How to Pronounce Big Numbers

To have Google Search teach you how to pronounce big numbers, just  type in the figure then add an equal (=) / (in) plus English. This works for up to 13 digits only. This works only for English language.
5.  Solve Geometrical Shapes

With google search you can solve for geometrical shapes such as  circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, ellipse etc. Type “solve” and  add a shape e.g. "solve triangle", click the search button and it will  return you with a calculator to solve that shape. You can choose to  solve for area, perimeter, gamma, height, side (a) or side (c). Each  shape carries a different calculator.

 6. Generate a Graph Right from Google Search

You can also generate a graph instantly for a mathematical function.  For instance, search "graph for x^2" or "graph for tan(x)" and so on.  The search results return with the graph drawn.

7. Currency Conversion

Although currency conversions could be done via Google Currency  Converter but if you want to perform currency conversion directly from  Google search bar then just type the currency you want to convert from  and into like this: 100 gbp to usd. The search result will return with  the converted amount.

8. Rock and roll

Type "do a barrel roll" to make it do just that.

9. Searching for "google in 1998" gives you a retro version.

10. elgoog. im/gravity will pull your google page (google mirror) down because if the gravitational force ;)
Here is the link: Google Gravity

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