Top 4 Ram Navami Crowds in India

Whether we talk about Temples, Shobha Yatra’s or Shirdi Dham, all can be seen decked with the devotees on a single day, which we all know as Rama Navami. Although the followers are spread all over the country, it is celebrated with the greatest zeal at Ayodhya. Ayodhya being the birth place of Lord Rama, makes people more enthusiastic for the celebrations here. 

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Let’s take a look where else the crowds can be seen and should be managed during Ram Navami:

1.       Rath Yatra at different places: The chariot procession also known as Rath Yatra or Shobha Yatra is a familiar scene that can be witnessed during this festival. The beautifully decorated chariots with the characters of Rama, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman take a whole city tour with thousands of people walking behind with devotion.

1.       Shirdi Crowds- Celebrated with the great verve, Ram Navami is among the three main festivals that are celebrated in Shirdi, the other two being Guru Purnima and Vijay Dashmi. Various religious activities like puja, bhajan, parayana, etc. are arranged during these days, which attracts a great number of people here.

1.  Mahavir Temples all around: Lord Hanuman being the ardent devotee of Lord Rama, is also worshipped on this day. People clad in red coloured clothes throng the temples to celebrate the victory and the birth of Ram. The famous Mahavir Temple in Patna on this day is decked with the queues stretched from the northern gate near Patna Junction to R-Block. More than 5 lakh people visited this temple on the last Ram Navami.

1.       The dip at the Sarau River – Sarau River in Ayodhya holds a significant part in the celebrations of Ram Navami around the country. People use to visit the temples only after taking a dip at Sarau River here. Huge Crowd of dedicated devotees never think twice before taking a bath or a dip in the cold river water.

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