Why don't the Brahmin eat onions?

Many Brahmins do not prefer eating Onions. Why because?
... Being a Brahmin I can assure majority of our population simply doesn't eat just because …they follow a belief/tradition to not eat Onion/Garlic as it's forbidden.
Not knowing any logical facts behind it. It's funny sometimes to hear that it's also a non-veg food item by many. And it smells bad…
Few logical points that lies here so as to know why Brahmins do not eating Onions/Garlic:-
1. It's tamasic food to make it simple it fosters desires in oneself and a Brahmin has to renounce worldy desires and live ascetic life.
2.Onions/Garlics are believed to arouse sexual desires as it boosts sexual health.
3. It is not suitable for meditation and spirituality. It can cause acidity and break the ascetic concentration.
It's all about leading a simple ascetic life that a Brahmin has to life following strict food diets and life style.
** However, with changing times many have started eating Onions/Garlic and even non-veg items. But it doesn't mean they have committed sin. Now the life style has changed and few are living life of a priest or being ascetic.

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