What is the concept of 'Manglik' in Hindu religion and its ill effect on marriage?

Who are Manglik people?

In absolute general terms, any LagnaKundli which has Mars(Mangal) in 1, 4 7 8 or 12 house is known as Manglik Kundli.


Okay... now I am Manglik... am I cursed?

NO, you are not. In India, being Manglik has been considered as some kind of curse, especially for brides. People have gone far enough to change birth dates of their girls just to hide this fact. Let me clear one thing, being Manglik, whether for girls or for boys has same effect. And certainly it is not a curse.

 I mean come on.. if you do some basic mathematics, you will realize that there are 12 possible places where Mangal can be placed, out of which, if Mangal is found in 5 places person is known as Manglik. Which means probability of anyone being Manglik is 5/12 = 0.4167. 

In other words out of 100, 41 people are Manglik. So the people who are earning their bread and butter by telling the world, being Manglik is cursed, do they mean, 41.67% of world is cursed? Absolutely preposterous!

That's good... But what is real effect of being Manglik?

Unfortunately, in India, every other person tries to become an astrologer since it is a good business. There is no risk in this business, it is recession free and not to mention huge number of people in India are easily gullible. 

Let me make myself clear, I am not against astrology, in fact I, myself was astonished when I came to know about depth of this science of astrology. However I am completely against the people who gain some superficial knowledge and set up their business. So if you go to astrologer, most of the time he will scare you to death. 

Some of the 'most popular' effects of being Manglik (in most cases, astrologer predicts they are applied to girls only! ya since men are superior to women!! <facepalm>)

  • she is short tempered (why blame her? people like you exist in this world!)
  • she is dangerous
  • she will destroy entire family (yes! she has nothing else to do in her life )
  • she will not give birth to 'boy' (yes! since she is Manglik, and obviously boy's Y-chromosomes somehow know it and then decided that let's not enter her)
  • she will be responsible for death of her husband (No comments! absolute speechless!)

Now let's know the real impact of being Manglik - 

People who are Manglik are sexually hot people, in other words, the desire for sexual intimacy or relationship in those people is more as compared to non-Manglik people. 

*Here when I am saying people I mean for both boys and girls. Astrology never states men are superior to women.

Okay... That's new!... but then what is this Mrityu Dosha associate with being Manglik?


Contrary to popular belief, Indian rishi-muni has given immense amount of importance to sexual relationship of men and women. As far as astrology is consider, it believes that compatibility of a boy and a girl can be judged on 3 parameters

  1. Sexual or physical compatibility
  2. Emotional compatibility
  3. Intellectual compatibility
here importance of last 2 compatibilities are easier to convey to people. 

But the problem was how to convey importance of sexual compatibility. Imagine thousand years ago... why thousand... lets go back a  couple of decades... talking about sex was a taboo. Even today, in rural area it is considered as a taboo.

Now rishi-muni had a big problem. Since they believed that if Manglik did not marry Manglik then his/her desires or lust can not be fulfilled by some non-Manglik person. 

This will lead to adultery. And for no apparent reason marriages will be destroyed. Also, they believed that to have successful marriage, animal within humans should be kept pacified, otherwise it will lead to prostitution. 

However explaining this was daunting task. So instead of making things complicated they took a easy way out. They said if Manglik marry non-Manglik one of them will die. 

Thus they added 'Mrityu Dosha'. Obviously in patriarchal society if someone is causing a death, it has to be a girl! Thus more problems to girls.

Here, personally I don't blame rishi-muni. They did what was needed for that era. Problem is those so called astrologers who does not even try to go to crux of the matter. And not to mention gullible people who are easily trapped in these business.

Well... now what to do if my partner is Manglik and I am not? or vice versa? Should we have a divorce?

Absolutely not! (This question might seem silly to some of you but believe me people have done this before) In my opinion, now you know the problem, sort it out. If you know that sexual desires of you and your partner do not meet then try to understand each other. 

As an Indian we feel ashamed of talking about these things. I simply do not understand this, you seem to have no problem in having sex then why hesitate talking about it? especially when it is going to solve some problem. 

Same goes for people are going to have love marriage but family do not support because of this issue. I will recommend simply telling your parents that you love your partner and get marry. Come on.. if you are in love then you are compatible on two fronts (emotional and intellectual) sort out the problems with sex life by understanding each other.

At the end I want to conclude by saying, being Manglik is not wrong, it is not a sin, it is not a curse. whoever is telling otherwise is either lying or does not posses enough knowledge about the subject.

 Yes! people who had discovered this science of astrology were not stupid; they had some purpose, some meaning, try to understand that meaning. 

Trust me on this Manglik and non-Manglik marriages can work, certainly will not be responsible for someone's death but there are some minor issues those are need to be faced to make marriage work. 

But hey, we face so many problem in married life and still make it successful, so one more will not make any difference in ultimate goal of having successful marriage.

Credits - Sadashiv Pradhan
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