5 Foods That Aren't As Healthy As We Think

1. Orange juice

"The reason the nutrition experts wouldn't have put that as healthy is because in the Australian Dietary Guidelines it's recommended only as an occasional option, not as a regular way of consuming fruit as it's very high in sugar."

2. Gluten-free cakes

"Gluten-free cakes is a really interesting one, as well. Certainly for people who have coeliac disease it would be a better option than something with gluten, but the word 'cake' gives it away to the nutrition experts -- it's certainly not a healthy option for most people."


3. Muesli bars

"This one in particular is probably due to very clever marketing around promoting some positive elements of the muesli bar without telling us they're often really high in sugar and sometimes fat."

4. Frozen yoghurt

While 62 percent of adults surveyed said frozen yoghurt was healthy, 69 percent of health experts disagreed.
"Frozen yoghurt sounds like it's yoghurt, but generally it's closer to ice cream than a tub of yoghurt,"
"Particularly the ones you buy in the store, you tend to add lollies and chocolate on top, as well. There was a big difference with this product, and we encourage people to cut back on frozen yoghurt. See it as an occasional food, not an everyday one."

5. Coconut oil

"Coconut oil has been very popular in a number of diets and it's often sold as a health food. What we know about it is that it's very high in saturated fat and it does seem to raise cholesterol.
"The research also shows it might be better than some of those other animal fats like butter, but it's certainly nowhere near as good as plant oils like olive oil, so we encourage people to choose them instead."
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