Fun-Facts Behind Celebrities Wearing Plus Size Shoes

Being a celebrity is no simple life. You have to be on your toes, literally every time. Once you step out of your house, shutterbugs are waiting for you to get clicked. 

However, in recent times there is much chaos and debate regarding celebrities wearing sizes much bigger than what actual size they should. 

It can be a fashion trend going by every now and then there is some new fashion and trend going on. However, is this kind of new fashion going or there is something else? Let us find out.

Some of the Hollywood celebs themselves confessed that because they have to stand for long hours in those high heels they keep an extra pair of shoes with them. 

Whenever they get inside the car they immediately clinch on to your flats and when it is time to come out of the car and work the red carpet or events, they wear those big sized sandals and plumps. 

The reason is not because their stylists brought the wrong sized number sandals or they did not have options. However, the reason and secret is something else.

Daily, these celebrities are seen flaunting their new heels and shoes collection. We always wonder, if we get shoe bites and blisters from our new sandals, how come these celebs are able to carry them off each and every day for so many hours? 

The cat is out of bag now. This is because they get a size bigger. This helps in lesser foot issues in long run. There might be a discomfort for size bigger, but not discomfort because of blisters because of new plumps or sandals.

This has been seen among Hollywood stars more frequently. Walking down the red carpet on high heels and attending parties and events, they have to wear heels all night long too, so to avoid their feet getting swollen or form any kind of blisters/ shoe bites, they prefer for a size longer than usual.

However, wondering if we wear a size bigger, we cannot even walk 2 steps because they come out of our shoes. 
How do these celebs cope up with this issue. 

The solution is put forward by these celeb stylists. To avoid from slipping off, they put silicone pads inside the shoes, plumps that helps the feet to stay intact. 
It also helps in feet from not swelling. These pads are easily available online too and comes in various sizes and patterns. there are even toe silicone coming so that fingers remains protected from the tight shoes/sandals. 
Usually, these celebs use transparent silicone pads in their sandals so that even if they slip out they are not easily visible.
The solution used by these celebs are the regular double-sided tapes. The double-sided tapes helps shoes to remain intact along with feet for longer hours. Most of Hollywood celebs are seen wearing plus size and they do not worry getting their secret out.
After all they are all celebrities and they have to be on limelight every now and then. If they get a foot swollen and get blister it will also become news and they could hardly step out f their house. It is better to have precautions before damage is done. 
Going by the same reasons, these all celebrities, be it Hollywood or Bollywood, they prefer a shoe size bigger while going out so that they do not get hampered and have those blisters popping out. It can be painful and make them uncomfortable.

Now you all know the secret behind why these celebrities wear shoes/sandals, which are bigger than their size.
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