How to protect your BIKE from thieves in just one minute


If you are parking your motorbike in isolated area without any parking facility and there is nobody around to keep watch or just to look after your ride, you will be worried sick about safety of your precious vehicle. as we all know, handle lock of bikes are not so reliable when a expert lays an eye on it.


and thieves are expert in starting the bikes without help of any authentic key.

In such scenario, you can rely on a simplest trick to save yourself from trouble of stolen motor cycle.
Just remove the cap connecting to Spark plug of the engine.

pull out the cap and just place it loosely over the spark plug so as to disconnect the power supply towards spark plug.
With this connection severed, there is no way somebody would drive away your motorbike without going through trouble of getting caught.
In general, if the bike doesn’t start, unsuspecting people don’t look for problem in spark plug. That’s where you will have advantage and person with ill intentions would leave your precious ride alone.
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