Interesting fact behind ‘Use Dipper At Night’

‘Use Dipper At Night’

Now !! You may be wondering how this is the most Amazing and the Best Thing!
Well this popular catchphrase you would find generally at the back of many trucks (probably around the world)
Well it was used as a Marketing Campaign by TATA Motors (company)
The Campaign was created by: Rediffusion y&R in collaboration with TCI Foundation(the social wing of Transport Corporation of India Limited (TCIL)) and HLL Lifecare Limited.
Let’s shed some light on few facts about Truck Drivers Life in India.

But since, many don’t have adequate Safe-Sex or Sex Education, they don’t use proper contraceptive protection.
Now since Tata Motors, which happens to be a market leader in the Indian Trucking Industry, wanted to promote Healthy Lifestyle among the Indian Truck-Drivers.
So they launched a series of Condoms called ‘Dipper’ and distributed them to the Truckers at zero cost.

The designing of the Condom Packets has been inspired by the colors, graphics and fonts used in decorating the back of the Trucks.
And the Best Part is that, whenever Truck Drivers read this Catchphrase turned Tagline at the back of the other trucks on their Journey. It's reminds them of Using Dipper at Night both on the road and in bed.
The manufacturing of the Condoms was done by HLL Lifecare Limited. While, TCI Foundation helped in spreading awareness and distribution.
This is probably the best double meaning line ever !!
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