फ़र्ज़/ Farz/ Duty/ Obligation


मेरा है तो तेरा भी है
उसका है तो इसका भी है

फ़र्ज़ है या क़र्ज़ है
हर किसी को हर्ज़ है

समझो तो ये कंकर जितना
न समझो तो पहाड़

निभते निभते चढ़ जाता है
आखिर इंसा पे वो हार

हार का वो हार
हार का वो हार।

English Version

If it is mine, it will be your too
If it is theirs, it will be for others too

Is it a duty or some debt
Everyone has a problem with it

You can take it as a little rock
Or like a big mountain
It’s up to you
But in the end
All you will get is a

Defeat …
Defeat from your inner self


No one can keep everyone happy in this world.

#Alfaaz Kuch Dil Se 
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