Because it's #Wednesday

Hey It's Wednesday...The mid day of the week...Two Days Left for the Holiday Fun

Hmmm Thinking about it...What Should I think?

#NoWorryWednesday Whetever tension you are facing in your life is not going to go anywhere by taking more of it.

Every Morning, just forget the yesterday's worries and start your day on a fresh note.

From our regular reader- ROBIN VERMA

#WednesdayDefinition Wednesday dino me vo ek din jo jate hue dino k yaad or ate hue sunday ki kushi dikata h burger vo tikki jiske uper vale hise me pyaaj tmatar or niche k hise me pudhine k chatni or khud bich me ek dum allu k krari tikki h Wednesday ka asli swaad..

#WednesdayDefinition Wednesday is that day from all the days which makes us remember the gone days and happy for the upcoming SUNDAY. It is like a Crispi Aloo Tikki ( Potato Cutlet) between the burger whose upper part contains delicious onion tomato layering and the lower part is filled with mouth watering mint (chutney) paste. This is the real taste of Wednesday :)

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