Let them relish the Karwa Chauth Delights with Q-Manager

The festival of fasting (Karwa Chauth) is coming, and the restaurants are getting ready for the presentation of sumptuous dinner delights for the lovely couples.

The idea of dinner date after the whole day of fasting is prevailing on a bigger note these days and the families are preferring going out rather than cooking the food at home.

The trend giving rise to long waiting lines out at renowned plush restaurants are now becoming a problem or the mood spoiler of this occasion.

The long hours of fasting and the tiresome day of waiting does not leave patience to wait further for a delicious food whose fragrance fills the aura with a strange urge to eat it as soon as possible.

Hence, to make this memorable day, an easy going delightful day for your customers’, Q-Manager has brought to you some tips and techniques through which you can control and manage the long queues at your restaurant waiting-area and thus ensure the better customer experience as a whole.

Take a look-

1.    Preparations in advance- You might be well-aware of the dish-preparations that you need to do in advance for the big day, but we are talking here about the space that you will need to occupy that large crowd at a single time.

Preparing the dining area and waiting area according to the expected crowd can spare you from any on-time chaos at your place.

2.    Queue-Managers- The queue manager, is the equipment that is used to keep people in line and avoid them from skipping the queues in order to get the table fast. This way you will be able to maintain the first-come-first-serve order in your restaurant and hence will avoid any partial importance to some late comers.

3.    Sign-Boards- Use the bright, sturdy signboard to let them know the menu in advance. It will help them decide the dishes they want to eat while they are waiting in the line for their turn.

It will be beneficial for two reasons-

•    This will help you serve the customers fast, as they will take less time on the table to decide what to eat and your staff will get faster orders for the faster service.
•    They will be occupied while their waiting time and hence be diverted from the tiredness they might feel while standing for their turns.

4.    Use Café barriers to create extra space- Café Barriers can be used to create the dining space outside your restaurant and hence will help you serve more customers in one go.
Plus one gets an opportunity to advertise their brand with a wider view through the support of these café barriers which will attract the passing-by customers towards your restaurant and thus will get you, even more, customers for the profitable day.

5.    Use of Rope Barriers- If you are a restaurant with some high-class customer base, installing the velvet look rope posts at the entries will give a classy royal look to the décor and hence will get appreciation from a targeted set of customers.

This way, getting the things done in advance and preparing your place with the right set of tools will not only help you in grabbing some good number of customers but will also make them happy and comfortable while enjoying their special moments on a special day.

And as you all know, The SOONER The BETTER. To order these queue management products for your restaurant, call today at +91-99103 98700 or send us an email at info@q-manager.com

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