Emerging Educational Technologies and How They Are Being Used Across the World

The hasty increase in internet usage results in unrestricted access to the world of technological innovation and enhances the scenario of e- learning. It is slowly eliminating the obstacles within instant access to the usage of technology in education. Educational technology is a distinct area within education by making use of different innovative tools for instruction and instructional strategies like software, hardware and different applications. With the emergence of the new technologies, a new learning culture appeared in the society. So, it is essential and interesting to go through different aspects and tools of educational technology and how the same is used in different educational contexts. 

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an emerging trend in IT industry, and the same is used in education. It is a technique where the data owners can store their data in the cloud and enjoy services from a shared pool of computing resources. It shares information and resources to computers upon demand. The users can access the data from any platform such as cell phone, laptop etc. cloud based electronic learning organizers helps the teachers to produce and share digital learning objectives for their students. On the other side, students can make use of cloud computing by storing the data and can gain instant access to the same in no time. For a student, this is highly innovative and helpful because it enhances the process of learning beyond classrooms. 

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is the technique by using internet or mobiles such as tablets and smart phones to attain learning materials through social interaction; hubs etc. Now, most of the web browsing is conducted through mobiles. For instance, some innovative schools allow and insist students to make use of tables to learn lessons. This idea is highly innovative because students have basic technical knowhow on using smart phones and tables. If they are allowed to use smart phones and similar gadgets to learn lessons based upon school syllabus, the same can help them to enhance their education in general. To be specific, if an opportunity is given to students, they will continue to use it and will result in smooth functioning of the process of learning, within and outside classroom environment in general. Besides, this can help students to be self-reliant without creating trouble to teachers and parents.  

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is an online education system which alters the presentation of material. The adaptive learning technology is used by NASA for safety models and it is also use in US military also. It uses a data driven approach to adjust the path of learning, and it generally use algorithms. Adaptive learning is implemented by world school council in 2012. With the help of this learning technology, teachers can provide their students with individual attention. To be specific, lack of individual attention is a serious problem faced by students who face learning difficulties. If adaptive learning is implemented within classrooms, students can have individual attention form their teachers and the same can help them to grasp the essence of the subjects they learn. 


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