Top 10 Amazing Home Remedies For Eyelid Cysts

Surely you will be anxious when on a beautiful morning, your eyelids are swollen by eyelid cysts? So what are home remedies for eyelid cysts to quickly get beautiful eyes!

Eyelid cysts is a common disease in the eyelid caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands or lacrimal glands. The disease cause pain in eyelids and edema, which influence patient’s look, and daily living. If you do not have proper treatments for eyelid cysts, they can leave scars and lose the aesthetic of your eyes.

In the folk, our fathers have many natural treatments for eyelid cysts. This article will introduce simple but effective home remedies for eyelid cysts.

1, Tea bags

After drinking tea, you apply used tea filter bag onto the affected eye, or you can use a thin towel to wrap used tea and put it on the eye. To achieve best results, you should use a hot green tea bag or tea of Chamomile. If it is cool, you can soak in hot water for further use.

How to do:
       Dip a thin cloth and a used tea bag into warm water for 1 minute
       Squeeze the cloth slightly
       Put the towel over the eyelids, then gently place the tea bag there
       Hold for a few minutes, repeat this method 3-4 times per day

When pus in eyelid cysts becomes drained, you continue to take the used tea bag directly into the affected area in 5 minutes, with a frequency of 2-3 times per day.

2, Betel leaves

Betel leaf is also one of the excellent home remedies for eyelid cysts. You can apply the below ways to cure an eye stye.

       Use a hot betel leaf to put on the eye stye. However, don't let the betel leaf too hot, which can cause burns. You can apply this method anytime when you feel pain.
       Steam the eye by betel leaf: take some betel leaves in a cup of hot water, and then put the cup’s mouth to near the injured eye, far about 10 cm. Do this way about 2-3 times a day; the stye will disappear without scarring as well as losing the aesthetics for you.

3, Cooked chicken eggs

The chicken egg is also known as one of the most simple and effective home remedies for eyelid cysts.
You need to prepare one chicken egg to boil. When the cooked egg is still hot, you peel and then roll it on eye stye. Moving several times until the egg becomes cool, then take it away. You should make this method once a day until you say goodbye to your stye permanently.

4, Home remedies for eyelid cysts with turmeric powder

There are two ways to use turmeric powder to heal an eye stye quickly.

Method 1:
       Mix turmeric powder and water to form a gelatinous dough
       Put this dough on a piece of thin towel, and apply to the stye
       Keep it for 20 minutes
       Do three times a day until symptoms decrease completely

Method 2:
       Boil 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with 2 cups of water
       When the amount of water remains one half, filter residue through a thin cloth, use filtered water to wash the eye stye
       Apply three times daily

5, Aloe Vera

How to apply aloe vera as one of the home remedies for eyelid cysts:

       Take the meat inside of aloe vera to put up onto the eye as a face mask
       Keep within 15 minutes
       Rinse with warm water, and wipe with a clean towel
       Repeat three times daily, continuously for five days

6, Garlic

Garlic has anti-bacterial property, so it is recommended one of the fastest home remedies for eyelid cysts.

Step 1: take 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic and a little water in a press.

Step 2: Use this fresh garlic juice to dab around the eyelid cysts daily

Note, to prevent water of fresh garlic from going into the eye, and you should apply the area outside.

7, Potatoes

Natural cleaning power in the potato can prevent the development of stye symptoms.

To use potato as home remedies for eyelid cysts, you should do following steps:
       Wash potatoes, peel and mash
       Put the whole of mashed potato into a thin cloth
       Set the cloth with potato directly on the eyelid stye in a few minutes, then rinse with water
       Perform 2-3 times a day until symptoms are relieved

8, Soy and black sesame

You prepare a cup of boiled soy milk, then mix it with two tablespoons of black sesame powder, add one tablespoon of honey. You should drink this mixture after breakfast regularly till your eyelid cysts disappear.

9, Kitchen chopsticks

Using kitchen chopsticks to cure stye is the most simple treatment. You dry a chopstick on hot charcoal, and then wrap it in a towel. Next, pressure the towel cloth in the eye to reduce pain, swelling, itch. You make about 5-10 times simultaneously, two times a day, and you will feel more comfortable.

10, Guava leaves

Guava leaves are also one of the home remedies for eyelid cysts.

How to use:

       Prepare a handful of young guava leaves
       Soak in warm water a few minutes
       Apply these guava leaves directly on stye, when they are cool, put them down
       Use 3-4  leaves per turn, twice a day

The above is the folk home remedies for eyelid cysts. They are extremely simple and efficient. Expectedly, you will find the best treatment for your eyelid cysts.

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