Accelerate Progress in Education Innovation and Technology

Technology has influenced every field. It brought a drastic developments and new thoughts in peoples mind. Now we may not be able exist without modern technology because it made our life easy and flexible. Now if we have any problem we depend on technology and internet. Innovation is the result of modern technology. We use it in our day today life. Now it has become inseparable by the developments of new technology we can say that it has removed all the obstacles and hindrance in our life. We can see the drastic and deep change that technology brought is in educational field. It has enhanced learning and teaching process. It has given a new direction to educational field. Education is the groundwork for everything. Parents always try their most excellent to give best and excellence education for their children. They always try their best to give best schooling best education best teachers and best quality education to their children. As we all know education is like a weapon to fight against the challenges of life. To get a best and victorious life we should get education. Every system and method changed after the innovation of technology and internet. In teaching now we need some innovative and creative thinking and procedure to get interest and to grab the concentration of learning. So in every field we can see new learning’s and fresh techniques are applied. Creativity is an innovative thought to make innovative minds. So in educational field every one encourages creative and innovative ideas related to internet.

In this technological and innovative era we got new technological developments called E-learning. E-learning helped to expand education through electronic media.  It gave chance to both official and comfortable learning. It helped to increase and extend education without any kind of limitations and margins. It helped people to achieve their dreams and goal. The learning process completely transformed now. Today’s learning and teaching process is more associated and related to real experience and personalised learning. To give confidence learning technology helped allot and changed the mindset of people completely. The method the learners and students are learning is changed completely. Individual education is given more significance. Through the help of technology and e-learning process, students are able to concentrate and study according their comfort and time and also speediness. In traditional teaching teacher will work together discuss and teach one topic. That time may be one or students are not able to follow the speed of teaching they will not be able to concentrate such situations are common. But in E-learning process students are able listen the lecturing and discussion without any kind of personal shyness and un-comfort. He can focus on himself. It increased one’s self confidence and intelligence level. Slow learners are also benefited by this new technological development in learning process this will result in quality education.

 We mainly focus on quality education which everyone should get. So in this new technological and innovative era students are getting quality education because teachers are following this technological methods and innovations. They use in academic life which will help them to teach and make their teaching more interesting and attractive. The change that technology brought in educational field is phenomenal.

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