All you should know about in-car air conditioning

By: Hassaan Javaid: There has been a significant rise in summer heat wave hitting almost every country across the world with some regions being an exception. And nothing raises the thermometer than a broken air conditioning unit in the car especially when you’re planning a road trip. No need to fret as not all’s lost, here’re a few quick hacks you should know about recharging the air conditioning system.

Recharge the air condition

Besides keeping the driver and passengers cool during the journey, there’re many other reasons to recharge the air conditioning unit. If you like to get the most out the fuel tank and increase efficiency, recharge the air conditioning unit to full. Running the system on low would exert more pressure on the engine, greater would be the fuel efficiency.

Likewise, recharging air condition cost less than replacing the entire system or performing major repairs later on. The refrigerant or substance used in the air condition unit is extremely cold with an added benefit of cooling the overheated air conditioning compressor. That being said, lacking a refrigerant or running too low would compromise safe working of the compressor.

Air conditioning unit comes to good use even in cold winter days such as demisting the windscreen or turning the system to give instant dry warm air for a clear and comfortable journey ahead. Besides, using the system all year long ensures its proper functioning while keeping the unit prepared for summer days.

Air condition working

The air condition system works as a compressor containing refrigerant which is a “gas” that must be refilled when dropped below the acceptable level. When you turn on the system, this gas travels to the condenser which cools and liquefies the gas. A drier system then removes all the impurities before the refrigerant reaches the thermal expansion valve, allowing driver to control the temperature of the vehicle by limiting the flow.

Improper functioning

The gas or refrigerant in the air conditioning unit is critical to proper working of the system because its flow keeps the system working while keeping the car’s cabin cool. The repeated cycle during which the gas turns into liquid and then back to the gas results in some of the refrigerant to permeate through the unit. Less gas obviously means less cold air which requires frequent refilling to keep the system working in optimum condition. Then there’s the possibility of cracked air con unit through which the gas keeps on dissipating until the system has been compromised if left uncared.

Recharging the unit

When you’re out for Range Rover service in Dubai, the air con recharging involves removal of the entire refrigerant and all traces of moisture from the system and refilling the fresh. An automatic servicing machine attaches dual hoses to the system underneath the bonnet; one at the high pressure port and other to the lower.

A pressure test is then performed to determine the amount of gas that has been dissipated and if the results are disturbing such as a major leak or recharge stopping imminently, it indicates to a more serious problemwhich asks for detailed servicing, recommended to be performed at the original manufacturer.
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