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Shaving is an important part for men lifestyle and everyone loves o trim and shave there face properly .but in some cases we all found some people with uneven hair or cut on face after shave .all due to inappropriate way of shaving style or not using the branded products .thus here we will discuss about all the methods we can apply to get expert shaving .there are ample of products for shaving but we should know which product to buy and how to apply it on face.

We are facing lots of problems while shaving like,Razor burn is the result of irritated hair follicles, which produce the rolling hills of inflamed skin you are observing on your neck and elsewhere.thus to overcome we have will let you know about steps to perform to get clean and wonderful shave.

1. Warm the hairy part :

The first ad most important step you can perform is to make your hair part warm through wet towel or any clean cloth .this warm water will nourish the hair and make it smooth and soft and thus you can perform your shaving in a perfect way.

2. Massage in your shaving cream :

Second most important  step for perfect shaving is to make a proper massage i the are where you want to shave .the  benefit of massage is its provide proper blood flow tho that body part ad activate the blood cells .so, Just make an effort to lather your preferred substance over the area to get the blood flowing.

3. Use branded and sharp razor :

always prefer a branded and sharp razor for shave .and never press your razor  ate shaving are or you will left with serious wound.apply it gently on the upper layer of your face and shave  it smoothly .so your skin required a good hands while shaving and do it like pro.

4. Exfoliate :

There’s a good chance your facial hair is coarse and curly and prone to grow back in, leading to ingrown hairs and more razor burn. Switch to a sharp, single-blade razor (multiple blades can pull and tug) and follow the above steps diligently. And you might want to throw in an exfoliate afterwards, to clear away any dead skin that might obstruct the growth of new hairs. so exfoliate your face properly for smoother and gentle shave.

5.Use aftershave : 

Please use branded aftershave .that is most important product to use after shaving. its very important to use aftershave to remove dead cells after shaving and gives you fresh skin . many of us are not giving much importance to aftershaves and in return we left with dead cells and every time you shave you always get blackheads remains on your face and make your face texture dull.

Thus we all know that shaving is grooming part for men's life and we have to perform it in a good and clean way after after all its our skin and we have to taker care of it in a good manner. all we need is to know some basic grooming parts and how to apply it with preference of branded products . if your face skin is clear ad smooth definitely you  always  look young and fresh with great smile where ever you go.
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