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Travelling and Living
Many of us like Hans Christen Anderson believe in the same philosophy that to travel is to live. We are gifted with a very short lifespan and a big world to cover. To travel broadens the mind, helps us meet new people and make new acquaintances on the way. There are travel destinations spread in the nook and corner of the world just wanting us to explore and cover them up. This wanderlust is what keeps us alive.

How to make travel easy?

When there is the urge to travel, there are the travel fiascos which is learning experience for us each and every time we travel. The extra kilos of luggage has taught us the lesson of how a slim and proper packing is just as important as a fit and a healthy body is to the travelers. Therefore, the use of the gadgets and the accessories that have come into the market and can help us in avoiding the travel blues should be used without keeping any doubt in mind. One should keep oneself updated about the destination one is willing to cover. The little updates like the weather conditions, the location of the hotel, the distance of pharmacy or the airport from the hotel actually will help us to prepare our travel accessory list accordingly and the travel will be filled with pleasant memories.

How does a perfect travel accessory list look like?

Travel helps you gain new experience, it helps broaden your perspective of seeing the world. But, packing the bags for tours can give you can give you cold feet. Packing for a tour involves a lot of planning, calculation, recommendations from friends and family who have already visited the place. And the tragedy begins when you reach your destination you find that the leaked shampoo has mercilessly ruined your favorite holiday shirt or that you had forgotten to bring a very important medicine, and that the nearest pharmacy is quite a few miles away from the hotel.

Therefore, let us discuss the must-have packing accessory so that everything starting with the passport to the medicines are well organized. So, let’s go through some of the items that are must-haves in a travel list. 

1) Document Organizer: Trust me, these can come as lifesavers in a foreign land. The document organizer helps in keeping your documents, like the passports handy and safe. It also helps keep your documents carefully. For beginners, you can buy these document organizers from online purchase sites.

2) Lifestraw: A device that can purify 1000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water. Is there any more need to justify as to why this item should be in our “must pack” accessory list. An ideal item on the list of hikers and backpackers which gives the freedom to go to any place where water is scarce or purified drinking water is not available.

3) Power Bank: In this world where the mobile phones are a part of life rather than just another gadget, does one have to justify the necessity of a power bank? With a power bank handy you can charge your phone anywhere, especially if you are traveling long distances. 

4) Scrubba Wash Bag: Weighing less than142g this bag is the one-stop answer to the travelers who want to travel clean. A must travel essential for campers, the wash bag helps you keep off dirt from clothes and also from the post-travel laundry blues.

5) Safety Locks: Many people consider the safety locks as an old-school practice and therefore discard it. But for the safety of the luggage, the safety locks should be on the top of the priority list. The safety locks are very cheap and come within INR 10/- and also could be bought online.

6) Eye Pads: This could be a very necessary gadget for those people who have a problem of sleeping with lights on or in sunlight. It is very essential to have a sleep before heading off to a destination. Whether traveling on a flight, bus or train, eye pads are necessary for travel.

7) Hoodie with Pillow: Tiered after sightseeing or trekking for a long day and desperately need to sleep. Or suffering from a neck pain or a backache in long journeys. Here’s your very own answer to the problem. The hoodies with ready-made pillows not only allows you a good night or backrest, it also allows you to snatch a few hours of sleep.

8) Money Belt: The primary concern while traveling is the safety of currency, especially if you are carrying liquid cash. The money belt coming in with secret pockets is a quite easy and actually inexpensive hack to keep the liquid cash safe especially in those cities where safety is the primary concern.

A priority list might vary from person to person according to their preference or the type of vacation they are going. But one thing is for sure that cramming up the bag in the name of necessity is not proper packing.A basic research about the destination and essentials like a couple of above-mentioned items can give you the desired pleasure of tour.
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