Relevant Names on Facebook

NAMES ON FACEBOOK: Facebook is open source community where anyone uses the name which they go by everyday in users life. this is what makes that always know who you are connecting with on facebook platform.Just to make sure that people know who are connecting with, Facebook ask everyone 

To use the real name on the facebook as well as they uses in everyday life. Facebook may ask you to confirm that the name on your facebook account is the same name from which you known in daily life.

If you see a message when you first enters your account that confirm your name till that you may not be able to use other features until you edit or rename your name, the feature will be available only after confirming the name on Profile.To confirm the name on facebook Log in to your facebook account and follow the instructions, sometimes you may be asked to upload your id or something else from id list (Email,contact number, or some membership cards).

What are the  types of id Facebook accepts ?

The Facebook community does understand the name you use in day-to-day  life could be different from your Original name, Facebook wants from the users to use the name that they most identify with their Facebook account. Id accept by facebook (government issued that contain your date of birth including birth certificates).

What are the names allowed on facebook ?

On platform of facebook everyone uses the name that everyday they go by everyday in Life, that makes it little easier that gives the idea that whom you are connecting with.

Your name can not include the things

  • Numbers, symbols, unusual capital letters, 
  • The characters from multiple languages,
  • Any kind of titles -Religious,professionals etc.
  • Phrases or words in places of names, 
  • Suggestive or offensive words,

Incase your name follows the Facebook community standards but still you are facing
troubles for changing it -

There are some other thing that user should keep in mind,

The name that you uses on Facebook account should be same which you use to call in your daily life, and same name should also appear on your id card that you provided for facebook Registration.

Nicknames can be used in middle names,
User can also list other names such as mothers,father,professionals also,

The facebook personal account should be for individuals only,

To do the pretending to anyone else is not allowed,

Language specific names on Facebook.

There some boundryes on facebook with related to language because there are only few languages are available.language specific name means your name is translated into some other languages, in case some user uses language specific name then they can see your language specific name in your profile, search comments and photo tags post etc,you can also be able to see the language specific name if you see facebook in that language.

To add or edit a language specific names:

  • Go on settings click on top right side and select setting,
  • Just click on Name
  • Click on add or change the language specific name,
  • Enter the name as in Another language,
  • Reenter your password and click on save changes,
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