Do you have a modern car? You could be the victim of car hijacking!!

With increasing Cybercrimes, car hijacking is the next big threat in the UK
There are a number of cars in the UK which use ultra-modern technologies and are being controlled by the computers. From acceleration to braking and selection of gears, everything controlled by these computers. Even several vehicles are now offering autopilot feature which is even more dangerous in the case of car hijacking. On the other hand, by 2020, the mainstream of cars will be malformed into most modern computer-based systems. The time of self-driving is also not far away when there would be no driver in the cars and the cars will be solely controlled by the computers and human will have no control over the cars an example of these vehicles is the Google self-driving car. With this kind of cars, the threat of cybercrimes will also increase and the probability of such incidents would be almost doubled.
How critical is the situation?
You are working in a state department and it is a cold morning, you received a call from the department to attend a meeting on national security. Your car is ready to take you to the place where the meeting would be held as it is a driverless car and you even don’t know the place. You sat into the car and your car engine started and travelling at steady speed and suddenly, you see that the central dash and computer system has started blinking and working in a different way as you never seen before. Doors are locked and the car has left its scheduled track and turned to some different road. Now you are receiving some wrong messages on the central dash, rather than a map or other sensor readings. You are hijacked by someone, your car computer has been hacked and is being controlled by someone else.
Your car data, entire computer system and even you are now in control of any third party. Look this is how easy to hijack anybody using a driverless car. You do not have any control over the vehicle and it is being controlled by your enemy may be.
The even more shocking thing is that you are not alone using the connected car, there would be more than 10 million connected cars in the UK by 2020. Currently, around 3 million connected cars are running on the UK roads but the good news is that they are not fully connected. Apart from some Tesla models, which are using autopilot and connected car technology are still a threat. Soon with the introduction of the connected cars and computer controlled vehicles, the destructive malware and viruses would come in action and you will be one of the millions of drivers who will taste the pain of car hijacking for the first time.
What do experts say?
This is where the internet and software systems security agencies would come into action and the security specialists need to be consulted. We consulted the security director of Kaspersky labs UK and Europe regarding this issue. He stated that it looks like fancy fiction movies but yes! It could happen very easily and someone can hack your vehicle while sitting in an office or even sitting in the car next to you and you even do not know that what is going on. In future, the accident rate might increase due to software slow response or viruses but it is clear that no car would be crashed due to drowsy driving or texting behind the wheel.
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