Facts - What is Sebum?

Commonest Skin Problems: 

Skin Problems like sebum is the toughest skin problem to fight with. Not only does it gives rise to the toughest skin problem like acne and pimples but also adds up to the most embarrassing blotchy make up looks and to the 3am shine which makes you feel like run away from the gatherings and fun parties. But first of all, we need to know what is the root cause of sebum.

What is Sebum? 

Sebum is actually a Latin Word. The term means fat, fat that is present in every square inch of the skin apart from the palm and the soles of the feet. Sebum is also present in our scalp, sebum is actually what we refer to as “grease” in our hair.The grease, is very though and very irritating to control and we understand perfectly that you are literally carving out time from your hectic schedule to wash your hair everyday to keep the oil off your scalp. But, you need to step back and think if washing hair this frequently is taking any toll on the average health of your scalp. Because, although you think that the sebum mars your outer appearance, but there are certain ways in which the sebum protects your hair.

So, here are the certain ways in which the sebum protects your hair. 
  • It helps to retain moisture: A fact  that most of us remain ignorant to in our lives is that, in frequent washing of our scalps, we tend to produce more sebum, because it is the nature of the sebum to reproduce the quantity that it had been actually stripped off. It is an absolute necessity to strike a balance of how frequently the hair should be washed, and when you find the exact balance, you will automatically find the hair remaining moist and healthy for a longer period of time.

  • Sebum protects the scalp from any bacterial infection: Believe it or not even a single strand of hair benefits from sebum. The Sebum gives your head a protective barrier against bacteria and other scalp diseases. Another advantage of sebum is that it provides excellent protection to the scalp against lice manifestation. And if struck a chord, so that the sebum is not removed from the hair not too frequently, the sebum makes your hair stay moist and healthy for a longer period of time. 

  • Sebum helps in giving your hair a natural shine: If a natural balance is found out in how much frequently you wash your hair, you will find that you will find volume in your hair and your hair will become more shinier as well. This is because actually the sebum in the scalp if used correctly, can give the hair the wanted shine which actually we want but we probably want to get that in the wrong way by washing our hair.

Actually if your hair means a lot to you and you actually want to keep it in a top condition, then you must be following thousands of tips, but only if you could strike a chord with your sebum, you could feel the magic, you actually wanted to see.
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