The best aerobic exercise to lose weight

Most people know that aerobic exercise is very important to lose weight and benefit overall health. Most people have learned that adjusting for fat burning or losing weight is an erroneous feature of the elliptical machine. So, what is the best method of aerobic exercise to lose weight? In short, it is the one that burns more calories. In particular, weight loss occurs when the body burns more calories than it ingests, however, the many variables that determine the effectiveness of aerobic exercise to lose weight include frequency, intensity, duration, muscle involvement, variety and enjoy. Find a way to build an aerobic exercise program to encourage optimal weight loss.

Dedicate yourself to do at least three and a maximum of six sessions of exercise a week. It is ideal for a session to last at least 30 minutes, but the optimal duration depends on the intensity of the exercise. If you do not have time for a 30 minute session or you have a hard time, remember that the activity for any length of time is better than none; do what you can.

Incorporate longer moderate intensity resistance exercises and high intensity exercises or intervals to your routine. Both types of exercises are beneficial for weight loss. High-intensity exercise burns calories faster, but moderate intensity exercises over a longer period of time burn more fat, increase endurance and cardiovascular efficiency and help stave off training. The key to achieving the maximum benefits of moderate intensity exercise is to put the extra time to burn the same number of calories in a high intensity exercise.

Choose activities that involve more muscles. The more muscles you use during exercises, the more calories you burn. This is why most activities involve the main muscle groups of the legs. The fact of using more muscle groups, however, does not necessarily mean that you use more muscle mass. For example, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, even when swimming uses the muscles of the legs, arms and torso, running burns more calories per minute because it uses more muscle fibers. Check the resources section to see a chart of the American Council on Exercise in which they estimate the burning of calories in various activities.

Add variety Make a rotation between different activities or change your interval training pattern. If you repeat the same exercise continuously, in the same way, over a prolonged period of time, your body will adapt and you will need fewer calories to carry out that activity. Add variety maintains the demand and maximum calorie burning for your body; It also helps to avoid injuries from overuse of the same muscles.

Choose activities that you enjoy. Successful weight loss requires perseverance and commitment to a long-term change in lifestyle, and leaving an exercise program for lack of enthusiasm is a big obstacle for many people. Only these tips are practically useless when you fear your exercises. Do not be afraid to try new activities and do them with your friends or family to keep your motivation.

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Exercise is more effective for weight loss when combined with good nutrition, resistance training and stretching. Strive to incorporate all this into your lifestyle for optimal health and fitness.


Always check with your doctor before starting a program or exercise routine to lose weight.

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