Top 10 Dental Bridges Pros and Cons

Strong and Healthy teeth are important for everyone to live a healthy life. If you are one or more teeth, your dentist would advise feeling the gap by using a prosthetic device. There are many advanced techniques available in the new generation of dentistry to feel the gap of your missing tooth. You can go for a Dental implant, Dental Bridges or Dentures. All these techniques are different from each other. If you've been looking for dental implants in San Jose, CSD is the best place for you. They use advanced techniques with an experienced team of dentists. 

Most people don't become aware of the best tooth replacement option. And for that reason, they always get confused to go with the right option. Today, we will discuss Dental Bridges with the list of its Pros and Cons. 

What is a Dental Bridge? 

A Dental Bridge is an affordable way to feel the gap of missing teeth from your mouth. The implant-supported bridge can be used to feel the gap between two or more teeth. If you have lost two or more teeth in a raw, this technique is a life-saver one for you. 

Why should we use Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridge or Dental Implant is necessary for you, especially if you have lost your teeth. If you have lost your teeth, it's harder for you to eat with missing teeth. The risk of other gum diseases would also be increased with the missing teeth. For that reason, you should feel the gap of missing teeth. 

Dental Bridge- Pros

Easy to Clean: Unlike Dentures, Dental Bridge is easy to clean technique. Dental Bridge is like your natural teeth. You don't need to remove them, and you can brush them every morning just like your regular teeth. 

Easy Process: Bridges can be quickly fixed into the missing gap of your mouth. Your dentist would first ask you for an appointment and after that. He has to take proper measurements of the teeth. Once done, he would fix the Dental Bridge in a few seconds to your mouth. 

Offers you natural smile: As mentioned above, Dental Bridge look the same as your natural teeth. You can smile naturally without any fears with a dental bridge. 

Improve adjacent Teeth: Dental Bridge give the other teeth stability and security. When you miss your teeth, the actual position of the other teeth might get affected due to that gap. However, Dental Bridge provides proper support to all the other teeth and keep them secured in their place. 

Low maintenance: Unlike Dentures and Dental Implants, this technique is quite affordable. It requires very little maintenance. You don't need to look after your teeth once fixed with the dental bridge. It will last for 10 to 15 years. 

Protects Jawbone: A missing teeth affects the position of other teeth and the Jawbone as well. If you fix it properly with a dental bridge, it supports the Jawbone and protects it. It also prevents bone loss in your mouth. 

Affordable for everyone: Dental Bridge technique is cheaper than Dental Implants. It doesn't take much time and costs very low compared to the Dental Implants procedure. 

Dental Bridge- Cons

Filing of other teeth: Teeth adjacent is required to crown the dental bridge. This is essential to hold the dental bridge properly in your mouth. For that, the dentist has to file on the natural teeth so that they can fix the cap of the dental bridge. 

Not pleasing enough: Unlike Dental Implants, Dental Bridge is less pleasant. This technique uses artificial teeth which can be identified easily. You may not be 100% satisfied after going for this technique.  

Regular Replacement: The life of Dental Bridge is 5 to 7 years. You have to replace the Dental Bridges every 5 to 8 years. If they are fixed properly, they can stay up to 10 years. However, you have to replace them eventually. 


You have only two choices left with the advanced dentistry and, I.e., Dental Implants and Dental Bridges. If you are confused between this, ask for the proper procedure for your healthcare provider. As per your oral health condition, your dentist would suggest you go for the right one.  
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