Guide for a groom: Stag Night to Remember

Because of the importance of a stag do, the only night when the groom-to-be with his friends have a get-together party before the wedding, it is important that it is a memorable one. As a friend of the groom, or even as the best man, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that a Stag do is able to be remembered by the groom even after his wedding and the honeymoon. If you had already started planning a stag night, and you are not sure how to proceed, or you just do not have any idea, then you are in the right place. The following guide will help you organize a memorable night for your soon to be married friend.

1.       Choose a suitable location/destination

The location to be chosen obviously will greatly depend on the preference of the groom, but also other factors such as the budget and distance may also have to be considered. You can choose any other location that is convenient and preferred like Madrid. Organizing a Madrid stag do will enable you to experience the taste of the authenticity of Spain. I am referring to tasty food, good weather, Spanish guitar music, and sizzling senoritas. Another possible option is, that if the groom wants a location of sun, sea, and sand, then the Mediterranean can be a great option.

2.       Arrange for activities to be done

Ensure that the groom and also the guests are happy with the activities chosen for the party. To make for your friend an unforgettable get-together party, you can think of an activity that is not ordinary but enjoyable and memorable. Some of the possible daytime activities may include Clay shooting, 4×4 driving, walking, and Paintball shooting. For nighttime activities, visiting a casino or a comedy club are just some of the possible options.Moreover, you can spice up the groom’s last night of freedom with his boys by having a few surprises. You can surprise the groom with love treats and take him to a strip club.Any of the activities chosen for this special night should serve to foster bonding between the friends attending the stag night.

3.       Decide the date

Deciding the date of the stag night is the thing that you must do. Ensure that the date chosen is convenient for those whom the groom wants to attend. The availability of the accommodation place and the activities to be undertaken will also influence the date chosen. While it is advised that the date selected should be close to the date of the wedding, it should not be in a day that can interfere with the wedding. No bride will be happy with a groom suffering from a hungover or even worse.

4.       Make a list of guests

When making the guest list of a stag night, it is important that you keep two things in mind. First, only invite proper friends of the groom and asking him makes it a simple task.Workmates and acquaintances are not a must. Secondly, the number of the guests or proper friends ideally should not be more than 20. A small and reasonable number of guests are often easy to deal with. When you make a list of guests, record their email addresses, numbers, and names. For continued and easy communication until the big day, a Facebook group that is private or a WhatsApp group can help in that respect.

5.       Accommodation

By picking the appropriatestag weekend destination, it means you have factored in the distance, budget, time restraints and even the activities to engage in. For suitable accommodation, you can choose from various options including hotels, camping, and cottages. Often generally hotels provide the best accommodation option. It is important that you book an accommodation venue as early as possible to have a chance of getting the venue available and also get the best deal possible. Apart from accommodation, you should also confirm other necessary bookings including transport.

6.       Food and drink

Obviously, arrangement for the food that you will eat and the drinks must be made in advance too. Are meals able to be prepared within the booked accommodation facility? If there will be cooking then you need to arrange for the food to be cooked and the person to prepare the food. It is also possible to arrange for eating in a preferred eating place. The main thing is that you do not want to have guests who are hungry as they can be irritable.

In conclusion, provided here are just the general guidelines that can be followed to enable you to plan the best possible stag weekend, for the groom and his friends. Just ensure that the groom-to-be experiences the best moment of his life.
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