The spooky lanes you never want to visit in Pune

There are adventure junkies, there are the daredevils, and then there are those who are game for a peek-a-boo into the world beyond that is beyond ours. Pune is a city that is a haven for such fans of spookiness and this list is just to get them started on their haunted travails.If you are not in the city while reading this list, then, it’s time for you to book a hotel in Pune and visit these crazy places. 

Shaniwarwada Fort- the thrill of a different kind

Shaniwarwada Fort tops any list that even barely touches the subject of ghosts in Pune. The ghost of a young prince Narayanrao Peshwa lurks in the majestic walls of this fort, keeping the faint-hearted as far away from this place as possible on full moon nights. People staying nearby tell scary tales of cries of help emanating from the fort at nights. Entry to the fort closes at 6.30 in the evening, for that’s when the real fun begins!

Victory Theatre- you wouldn’t want to miss this night show

This theatre promises shows of a different kind, one that involves scary laughter and ghostly giggles. As night falls, the exuberance of the day at this theaterturns into a sinister scenario. Banging of chairs on the walls, eerie occurrences in the premises, and evil laughter during late night shows, almost make you want to take that early trip to the restroom for attending nature’s call. Watching a late night show here involves watching a movie with special effects of real-life horror thrown in.

Chandan Nagar- it’s just kid…umm we are not so sure

You are caught unawares by an innocent little girl, carrying a doll and walking towards you at Chandan Nagar in Pune. All's well until she shows her evil side and gives out a spine-chilling scream right in your face. Stories about the place talk of a small girl who died during the construction of a house in the vicinity. Spooky disclaimer: Lock your doors and do not step out after sunset.

Sinhgad Fort- where history meets horror

Local villagers can vouch for the paranormal force at play at the ruins of Sinhgad Fort in Pune. The fort seems to house a large community of ghosts here, for one can hear the cries of children who died here in a bus accident amidst the screams of soldiers who died in the wars that were waged at this fort. The clanging of metal that rises from this war relic will almost make you believe that the war is still at large up at the fort.

Holkar Bridge- some bridges are not meant to be crossed

A popular saying goes,‘ You cross the bridge once you come to it’. Whoever penned this probably hadn’t heard of the mysterious Holkar Bridge in Pune, for this is one bridge you simply must avoid late at nights. Eyewitnesses who claim to have driven past the bridge and have not been ‘taken’ by it, recount the tales of creepy happening on the bridge like hearing strange and eerie noises.

The haunted house at MG road- Home sweet home…did we say for whom?

All of us have seen enough horror flicks to know that people in their right senses must steer clear of haunted houses. But where is the fun in that? This old and secluded shamble of a house is too inviting for anyone looking for a taste of the netherworld. IT is the one of escape destinations around the world. Stories revolving around the house speak of a young girl who was brutally murdered here, and now her spirit refuses to let go of her love for this house. Fragrances and sweet whisperings in ears have been felt by those who live to tell the tale.

Choice Hostel at Karve Road- for a different kind of boarders

When you pay a bomb for lodgings at this expensive hostel, little do you realize that it’s so worth the money. For along with the stay here, you get a full package complete with gut clenching episodes. A woman clad in a red saree, accompanied by sound effects of the tinkling of anklets and clinking of bangles is said to roam around the corridors of this hostel at night.

And if this list wasn’t blood-curdling enough, then, there is the Pune Cantonment Area, Khadki War Cemetery, and The Mansion at Residency Road for an extra dose of goose-bumps. 
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