Travelling to India, Here is What You Should Pack

Visiting India could be risky if you are careless
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India, the land of festivals, religions, colours and different traditions is such an attractive place for fun-loving and adventurous people from all over the world. If it is your first time travelling towards India probably you are excited while if are a regular visitor than undoubtedly you are more than happy and thrilled.

India attracts people who love nature from across the globe. Millions of foreigners visit India every year and fall in love with it which is why people love to visit India again and again. No matter you are first time visitor or regular tourist of India, you should be choosy and accurate with your luggage and the stuff you want to carry with you.

Different country, different climate and different surroundings require definitely different stuff for daily routine. What you had for local trips and tours surely could not be sufficient for another country. Similarly, when you are visiting India you always keep it in mind that you are going to a land with almost six seasons. Yeah, it is true. It is not just winter, summer, autumn and spring but monsoon and pre-winter.

It is not so much easy to survive and be safe if you do not take care of your own self. Pack appropriately for being fit and enjoy well throughout your visit. For this here are few quality words to help you not just to pack correct stuff but with which you could enjoy your tour to India.

There is no need to be worried if your luggage is exceeding its weight limit as there are many cargo companies nowadays to help out you by offering their services of shipping excess luggage to India. So in case if you feel that your baggage is heavy ask any best cargo company to grab your hand and send your excess luggage to India through air cargo service.

What you should pack for a trip to India

What not to pack is not that much important as what you must have while your trip to India is. Though you can have almost everything from there still it is good if you prepare yourself and pack appropriate stuff at the start. Following are few instructions for what to pack for travelling to India.

Portable Water Filter

India is not good with drinking water. It is good to have a portable water filter along with yourself throughout your journey to stay fit and healthy.

You can have mineral water bottles easily from India but not from everywhere. It is good to save yourself from the bad time before falling into it.

First Aid Kit

One of the most important things in this first aid kit, you must have it along with yourself on your journey. Though India is not a backward country and you can easily have medical facilities but still, it is suggested to take first aid kit along with you as safety should be on priority.


If you are on any medicine, it is recommended to purchase your medicine from your hometown. You might face a problem if you run out of your medicine in India.

Surely you can have an alternate for what is recommended to you but still, it could be risky.

Sunscreen Products

Indian weather could be really harsh for you. As the temperature reaches 40+ degree Celsius almost in all areas of India. Cruel sunlight and hot weather not just cause you heatstroke but can also damage your skin easily. Drink water as much as you can if you are visiting India in summer and use sunscreen lotion or cream in order to avoid any harm to your skin.

Passport Pouch

It is better to save your precious stuff before you lost them. A passport pouch is a really helpful thing, not just to save or protect your precious travelling documents but you can save your money in it as well.

Get a passport pouch and put your documents and money in it and enjoy a stress-free journey throughout the time.

Indian clothes

Try to pack a few Indian clothes too. Good and bad people are everywhere all over the world and so do India have. There are many people in India who are not that much open-minded and you can face a problem while wearing western clothes.

Rape ratio in Delhi is quite high. A Danish traveller recently raped by a group of males after asking for direction. It is good to wear appropriate clothes which cover the maximum parts of your body instead of western clothes.

Power bank for cell phones

In India, load shedding is one of the biggest problems in is suggested to pack a power bank for your mobile phones charging so you never go out of battery.

Earplugs and face mask

India is noisy as compared to western countries. There you will face different people with different accent and tones with high volume. Not only is this but shouting voices of street hawkers and pollution also really annoying.

So to avoid noise and air pollution pack face mask and earplugs in your stuff.
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