Diet that Helps in Recovering from Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is considered the most effective solution to reduce weight and cure many metabolic diseases. Though the process requires a good recovery time, the top obesity surgeons in India advice patients to restrict certain activities and follow a strict diet post-surgery for best results.A proper diet can help patients in speeding up the recovery process and also aid in further weight loss.

Diet recommendations may vary from person to person, thus it is important to consult the surgeon or a trusted dietitian. Here is the diet including the list of foods that bariatric surgery patients need to consume after the surgery:

Stage 1: Liquid

Since the nutritional disciplineaims at recovery without any complications, experts strictly advise the patients to consume liquids for the first few days after the surgery. Liquids help in providing the body essential nutrients without stretching the stomach. Some liquids include:

 • Unsweetened juice

 • Skim milk

 • Broth

 • Decaffeinated tea and coffee

 • Sugar-free gelatin and popsicles

Stage 2: Pureed Foods

After a liquid dirt for first couple of weeks patients can start with pureed foods along with liquids. Pureed foods generally have a consistency of a thick liquid or a smooth paste without any solid pieces in the mixture. Some of the foods that patients can consume include:

 • Cereal (with skimmed milk)

 • Cottage cheese

 • Mashed Soft Fruits (bananas, peaches, apricots, melons)

 • Soft vegetables (tomatoes, boiled carrots, green beans, and spinach)

 • Cream soups

 • Yogurt

Stage 3: Soft Foods

The 3rd stage of recovery process allows patients to consume soft foods that contain small and easy to chew pieces. One can have 3 to 4 soft food meals per day to provide the body with all essential nutrients and energy. Some of the soft foods include:

 • Cooked cereal

 • Flaked fish

 • Rice

 • Vegetables with peeled skin

 • Fruits without seeds

 • Scrambled eggs

 • Lean ground meat (chicken and turkey)

Stage 4: Solid Foods

Patientscan reintroduce solid foods in their dietafter a month or two depending upon the advancements in recovery. Though it is important to keep few factors in mind:

 • Consume up to 3 meals per dayreset of the diets can be pureed and liquid

 • Avoid foods that may cause blockage, nausea or vomiting

 • Eliminate foods that may cause abdominal discomfort with immediate effect.

Some of solid foods that should not be consumed include:

 • Breads

 • Raw andFibrous vegetables

 • Red meat

Weight loss surgery reduces the size of the stomach and thepost-surgery diet is designed to allow the stomach to heal without being stretched. It assists patients in further weight loss and even helps in avoiding complications after the surgery. Though consuming a nutritious diet is an essential part of recovery process, certain precautions and recommendations from top bariatric surgeons in India must be taken into consideration. 
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