Fungal Skin Infections at the Gym: Types, Prevention and Treatment

Gyming has become a popular venture that everybody wants to explore. However, these fitness places can be germ factories where people gather to get fit and fine but end up getting infections. In fact, majority of the infections that people pick up at the gym are those which affect the skin - fungal skin infections.

Fungal skin infections are quite common in public areas such as the gym. They are caused by fungi which thrive in warm and moist weather environment like the sweat left on the exercise equipment and towels, as well as other areas including shower, sauna and swimming pool decks.

Some of the different types of fungal skin infections which you can acquire at your fitness place include:

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin which can occur anywhere on your body such as arms, legs or neck. It is easily recognizable because of its ring-shaped appearance. It is contagious and can be transferred to a person who comes in contact with sweaty, unwashed equipment, towels, mats, or by walking without shoes in public places.

Wipe down gym equipment with the help of cleaning wipes before use. Wash your hands mid-workout, avoid sharing towels and walking barefoot in the gym, even in the changing rooms and bathrooms.

Athlete’s foot
Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which targets your feet. It can be caused due to various reasons like excessive sweating, poor hygiene, and walking barefoot in the locker room area. The skin on the feet often becomes itchy, peels, or may even crack. The infection occurs usually around the toes. If left untreated, it can spread to the toenails.

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes continuously, especially after a workout. Let your feet breathe in the air. Disinfect your socks and shoes with a top quality anti-fungal powder to minimize the chances of contracting the infection. Avoid walking without shoes in areas such as the gym locker room, shower, sauna, and around the pool.

Jock itch
It is the fungal infection which occurs in the groin areas and appears as an itchy red rash with raised bumps. It is caused due to excessive sweating and moisture in poorly ventilated areas, which explains why thighs, buttocks and groins are the main targets of this fungal infection.

Shower immediately after working out and wash the groin, thighs and other regions with warm water and soap. Make sure you dry the areas thorough after washing. Besides, wash your gym clothes and innerwear regularly. Never share your towels or other personal belongings with anyone. You can also sprinkle an antifungal powder in your underwear to absorb the moisture and prevent infection.

These fungal infections can make your gyming sessions hard to attend. Don’t let them be your enemy. Make smart and healthy choices to enjoy your workouts. Meanwhile, if you have developed any fungal skin infection, you can apply best antifungal cream to effectively cure your condition.
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