How Weight Loss affects Hypertension?

Hypertension, also known as High Blood Pressure (HBP), is a condition of increased force of blood against the artery walls above normal levels. It can lead toan increased risk of heart diseases, strokes, and even death. According to experts, the medical problem has been on a rise since 1980 with almost 20%-40% of population in urban areas and 12%-17% of rural population been diagnosed with it. With increased number of cases each year,the condition is likely to become an epidemic in near future, affecting almost 1/3rd of Indian population by year 2020.

Importance of Treating Hypertension
People who tend to ignore their hypertensive conditions often face difficulties in the long run. Consistent rise in blood pressure levels damages and weakens the arteries, resulting in ruptures or leaks. It directly affects one’s quality of life and leads to various health issues including:
  • ·         Heart attack or Heart Failure
  • ·         Vision loss
  • ·         Sexual dysfunction
  • ·         Kidney diseases and failures

Obesity and Hypertension
It is a known fact that people suffering from obesity are more prone to getting affected by hypertension. Researches have recognized India as the 2nd largest country in terms of obese population with over 30 million people suffering from chronic diseases. The statistics also suggest thatobesity is one of the major causes of high blood pressure in patients. People suffering from obesity have worrying amounts of fatty tissues which increases their vascular resistance. This eventually increases the work of heart to pump blood throughout the body. For this reason, the top bariatric surgeons in India claim weight loss to be the most effective and efficient way of treating hypertension in morbid obese.

Bariatric Surgery and Hypertension
The topobesity surgeons in India claim that people who undergo a weight loss surgery experience almost complete resolution of hypertension. Since post-surgery routine demands healthier food selection, consistent exercising and workouts alongwith other lifestyle changes, it aids in keeping blood pressure to nominal levels. Since the surgery demands complete cessation of tobacco use and restrictions on alcohol consumption, it eliminates othermajor causes of hypertension in people.

Weight Loss over Medications
Many medical experts prescribe antihypertensive medications to people suffering from high blood pressure. Though these medications work efficiently in treatment of the condition, many people complain about theresulting side-effects depending upon their respective physical ailments. But since prevention is better than cure, doctors encourage patients to lose weight. It was noted that patients experience significant fall in blood pressure to normal levels with decreased number of medications after losing weight.

Obesity is the major contributing factor to high blood pressure. The combinationmay even proveto be fatal as it directly impacts overall health and life expectancy of patients, increasing the need of immediate action and treatment. If you’re suffering from hypertension due to obesity, it is important to opt for an effective weight loss program to keep your blood pressure under control and several other adverse medical diseases at bay. 
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