Is Cooking with Canola Oil a Great Experience?

Your first cooking experience offers a fresh, unique and distinctive approach to the cooking world. It is packed with a bit of nervousness and more of joy. Being your first cooking expedition, you must have made all the preparations in advance before embarking on the crusade of rocking the kitchen. 

Unfortunately, your efforts will prove futile if your cooking oil is not right. It is the vital and basic ingredient of any dish. A good cooking oil enhances the taste and flavor of every dish. Therefore, you should focus on choosing the best oil for your kitchen.

Start your memorable cooking experience with the dish you love to eat and let canola oil do its magic in strengthening your experience. Just like your best friend, canola oil always takes care of you in the kitchen. It is multi-purpose oil which is perfect for every occasion.

Canola oil is a versatile edible oil produced from the rapeseed which is low in erucic acid. It is rich in Omega 3, MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and antioxidants which is helpful in decreasing the risk of strokes, diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions. 

It is a high smoking point oil, which makes it ideal for frying and sautéing purposes. Moreover, desserts made with canola oil are more tender and fluffier as compared to butter. Whether you are baking a cake or making deep frying bhindis, canola oil can be your hero in the kitchen.

Indian kitchens have always been famous for their authentic taste and flavor. In order to maintain the richness and flavor of your first dish, canola oil lends its hands to make your first cooking experience unforgettable.

It acts as the caretaker of your family because it is rich in vitamins; vitamin D aids in making your bones strong, vitamin A enhances immunity and eyesight, vitamin E makes your skin glow like a sun, and vitamin K is necessary for healing your internal and external wounds. 

If you believe in the saying ‘first impression is the last impression’, then Hudson canola oil helps you create a lasting impact of your first cooking experience. It is a light and non-greasy oil which enhances the taste of every dish while providing innumerable health benefits to each member of your family.
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