4 Best Ways to make your Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationship is like a sweet and sour candy which often creates doubt whenever consumed. However, its love that keeps things going.

Long distance relationship is never easy as the distance between lovers can make many things unachievable. Things could get complicated, hard to understand, and you could even get depressed and lonely at times. On the other hand, these geographical boundaries make the small and simplest things like holding hands, feeling each other’s touch, eating together, complementing each other, smelling each other’s hair, etc. become more sweet and meaningful.

Long distance relationship is a box full of surprises. To keep your love strong, here are some tips which you can follow:

  1. Keep Connecting the Dots
Communication is the major thread which connects the dots of every relationship. Gone are the days of writing letters and waiting for days to receive a reply. It is the world of technology where there are many convenient ways to connect and communicate with your partner. Take out the time to contact; send sweet good morning and good night messages, make phone calls or Skype, ask your partner about the day, and share pictures to keep the spark and sexual desire intact. Despite living apart, communicating daily will help you feel connected.

  1. Plant a Seed of Trust and Honesty
The foundation of every relationship is trust. For your long distance relationship to work, trust and honesty are the two major driving forces. Telling the truth may not be easy but it is the safest option to choose. If you lie and truth comes out later, then it may break everything. Trust your partner and your relationship. As a result, you both will feel secure in your relationship.

  1. Plan and Execute
When you are separated by the distance, spending holidays, birthdays or a weekend together give chances to be excited for. Organize a meeting and make plans for discovering new places. Arrange a romantic dinner and enjoy your precious moments by looking into each other’s eyes. Make sure you always have something to be excited for to make your long distance relationship worthwhile. Manforce pleasure condoms understand this connection of long-distance relationship and are specifically designed make your sex life more happening.

  1. Enjoy Phone Sex
Staying physically intimate in a long-distance relationship is very challenging but staying physically connected doesn’t have to be when you have technology as an asset. Phone sex is a great way to tease your partner from a distance. Hearing your partner moan over your words is a perfect way for creating an intimate connection. Apart from physical need, sex is an emotional need too and phone sex will stop you from drifting away.

You should have confidence in yourself and your relationship. Lack of confidence creates unnecessary tensions between couples and also drifts lovers apart. You can use some of the best sellingcondoms in India to have a great sexual experience whenever you plan your next holiday together. 
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