How Micro-influencers are ruling the World of Instagram?

Instagram has become the vital marketing tool for bringing your business to the forefront of your audience’s minds. According to the best influencer marketing agencies in India, Instagram influencers are becoming an integral part of the marketing spectrum and helping brands reach out to a wider range of consumers.

Influencers are the rising celebrities of the social media domain. They have a large number of followers, impeccable aesthetics, and an enormous range of products or services to offer. However, micro-influencers have been dominating the mediascape in recent times.

Micro-influencers are people with just 20,000 followers, but have a high level of engagement with the audience due to their expertise in their respective domains. Though they make up the largest portion of the digital influencers, their power has been often neglected by the marketers.

Let us look at a few reasons why brands should contact micro-influencers to create a bigger impact on their audiences:

Sailor of your Marketing Ship

If your brand marketing campaign is focused on content creation, micro-influencers are the best choice. They are excellent at creating compelling and engaging content, ranging from written to multimedia content, as they have a good knowledge of their respective niches. Your ship of a marketing campaign should only be sailing in the waves of quality content.

Strong Connection

Micro-influencers have created a strong connection with their audience. They rarely endorse any product or service and support a brand they don’t believe in, and their audience regards them as highly credible source of information. Micro-influencers are known for building and maintaining active and meaningful relationship with their followers as they frequently reply, like and share to their follower’s comments. Their shout outs hold more value and weight, so your brand won’t be lost in the sea of endorsements.

Convert Communication into Sales

The main goal of any social media influencer is to generate sales. Celebrities and macro-influencers are good for boosting your brand awareness, but that doesn’t mean they could translate your brand communication into sales. On the other hand, hiring micro-influencers is like word of mouth marketing, which is known to be the most trusted and credible form of marketing. Furthermore, when more people will talk about your product or service, your rankings will get high and more traffic will be generated towards your website. 


When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, your budget can go haywire. Celebrities and sponsored posts can prove to be expensive and many times don’t produce desired results. Micro-influencers can be your savior as they can save you from spending too much money while still helping you drive better engagement with your target audience.

Hiring the right micro-influencers to endorse their products or services can be a tough decision for brands. In such a scenario, it is important to approach only the topInstagram outreach agencies in India who are not only associated with best micro-influencers on the platform, but are also known to help brands create better engagement with their target audience and drive more sales. 
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