Is Canola Oil Good for your Skin?

Your skin is the largest external sense organ of your body, therefore what you eat or apply directly reflects on it, even if it is your cooking oil. Cooking oil is the basic ingredient of any dish and its role has been transformed from being a mere cooking medium to a tool for lifestyle improvement.

Canola oil is one of the best cooking oils produced from rapeseed, which is low in erucic acid. It is multi-purpose oil which can be used for different purposes such as losing weight, improving lifestyle, and also skin care.

Benefits for Skin

Let us now look at the various benefits using canola oil as your preferred oil can offer for your skin:
  1. Canola oil is high in Vitamin C which can help in giving a great texture to your skin. It is a light and non-sticky oil which makes it favorable for oily skin too.
  2. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, canola oil can help in fighting acne, blemishes, spots, and wrinkles. It is also helpful in the procedure of reversing your aging cycle.  Just add a little amount of canola oil to your creams or lotions to get the favorable outcomes.
  3. Canola oil can control your cholesterol level as it is high in monounsaturated fats, which helps in increasing good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol in the body. It can encourage lipids, which act as a barrier and protect the skin from external factors like dirt and impurities while retaining the natural moisture of the skin.
  4. Fatty acids present in canola oil can be very helpful for dry skin. You can combine canola oil with other essential oils and use it as a lotion for your body. These fatty acids will soften and smoothen your skin. You can also mix canola oil with lavender oil and apply on the body after a warm bath. This natural remedy can be helpful in treating skin infections such as blemishes, acne, eczema, etc.
Other Benefits
  1. Canola oil is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, therefore it is a heart healthy oil and an ideal choice for modern households.
  2. It can be helpful in treating inflammation and also aids in lowering the risk of asthma and joint problems.

You can try using Hudson canola oil as your preferred oil as it is a versatile oil which is not only known to provide several skin benefits, but is also a great cooking oil for health conscious people. 
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