Mobile Cloud Computing and its Benefits

Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is an amalgamation of cloud computing, mobile computing with wireless networking. It is an extension of cloud computing services that allows businesses and users to access data remotely on their smartphones via internet. 

According to reports, the global mobile cloud sector is a flourishing province that will develop as a huge marketwith anet worthof 46.9 billion dollars by year 2019, while still having capabilities to reachthe trillion dollars mark.

The mobile cloud market integrates various amenities offered by the topcloud computing service providers, telecom network operators and application developers. It substantially benefits the enterprises as well as their respective consumers. 

Some benefits of mobile cloud computing include:

1. Flexible Accessibility 

Since mobile cloud computing works with wireless networking, it allows users to enjoy flexibility in data access. It enables the user to access data including files, documents, images,etc. and applications on smartphones from anywhere in the world at any point of time. 

2. Real-time Data Management

With mobile cloud computing, people can use, monitor and access data in real-time. Since all the data is managed by third party (vendors), it efficiently eliminates the time lag persisting between application update and usage. It also allows simultaneous management of documents on multiple devices by multiple users.

3. Multiple Platform Support

Mobile cloud computing embraces its users by offering them multiple platform support. It stores all the applications and data on the cloud and allows easy accessibility on all platforms. With such ease of accessibility, it effectively eliminates the limitations and restrictions imposed by traditional application models.  

4. Backup and Recovery

Mobile cloud computing empowers the user bystoring data on the cloud platform and making the process of data backup and data recovery easy. It is incorporated with data recovery strategies that store and maintain copies of digital records in the cloud environment as a security measure.     

5. Cost-efficiency 

Mobile accessed cloud applications generally have low or no up-front costs, which makes them one of the most cost-efficient methods for usage and maintenance. Though it’s subject to usage volume, mobile cloud computing comes free of hefty charges with regard to licensing and upgrades. 

Mobile cloud computing has initiated a new era in the smartphone market with mobile applications becoming increasingly smart and intelligent. It has emerged as an efficient solution with benefits for the end-users as well as for application developerswho enjoy an increased market reach with cloud applications.With multiple benefits at all stages, it shares a bright prospect with escalated growth. 
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