Useful Tips for Maintenance of Proper Laboratory Etiquette

Using laboratory equipments properly is important. If you have personal laboratory, you need to maintain good laboratory etiquette, even if the place has only used by you. Learning the etiquette will help you to stay safe. At the same time, it will help you to maintain safety for various equipments or apparatus. Moreover, staying safe is important to use the laboratory properly. If you do not maintain etiquette, you may misuse certain equipment. You may misuse certain expensive items. As a result, the experiments would not be ended in the way that would have happened in ideal situation. In the following section, you shall find a complete guidance for safe use of the laboratory equipment.

1. Create a Storyboard

A storyboard is the manual which you need to follow to complete an experiment in the most systematic way. The storyboard shall include all those things that you need for concluding the experiment. It will incorporate instructions for your safety, and additionally it will come with list of the safety equipments that you need. On top of these things, storyboard will act as the instruction manual for you to conduct the experiment in step by step manner. Thus, it is an important thing for your laboratory. You should not undermine the importance of having perfect storyboard.

2. Apron Is Must Wear Thing

When you enter the lab, you should wear an apron and this is the most basic thing that you have to do. Not wearing apron is harmful for your body. Any chemical can spill on your dress, causing major skin harms. You need to stay careful from such possible accidental cases. You should use apron to attain some sort of protection for your body. Another important thing is to wear gloves when it is necessary. When you are working with highly reactive elements or potentially toxic elements, using gloves is the most important thing for you.

3. Always Enter in Boots, Not Slippers

At laboratory, you should always enter with boots on your feet not the slippers. It gives protection to your feet, from major accidental cases. Some harmful chemicals can touch your barefoot accidentally. On the other hand, heavy equipments may fall on your feet. Thus, you need to maintain basic safety for your feet by wearing the boots. It does not ensure complete safety, but it ensures lesser injury to your feet. This is why you should wear boots inside the laboratory, not the slippers.

4. Understand the Locations of Safety Equipments

You need to install all major safety equipments in your lab, but at the same time you need to have clear conception in locating them. How can you locate equipment in a laboratory? Well, it is a matter of having goodpresence of mind. You have to remember things properly. You need to check the safety equipments regular so that you have seamless idea about their location.

Following these basic etiquettes of laboratory will help you to stay safe and escape any minor or major hazards that can potentially breakthrough.
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