5 Times Online Insurance is Better Than Agencies

Almost everything works online these days. From multiple jobs to business opportunities, social growth, data management, and several types of banking and financial applications, it’s safe to say that the Internet is setting the pace for so many possibilities.

Today, more and more insurance companies are taking scenes on the Internet to serve millions of online consumers. This creates a new option for customers when applying for a life insurance policy. However, choosing between two decisions whether to directly purchase an insurance policy online or go to the old-school method of agencies is not that easy. Although both options may relatively have their natural pros and cons, customers must learn which between them gains the upper hand before pursuing the final decision.  

Take a peek on the following points that support the advantages of purchasing life insurance online and .
  1. You get in touch with the company.

The major reason why consumers choose the online process is to personally connect with the company. Maybe some have experienced difficulties engaging with third parties like brokers or agents and prefer to submit an application by themselves. Given that these days, avoiding scammers is the first thing that comes to the mind when they hear the word insurance.

By choosing the online application, it’s best if customers will do some comprehensive research on how things work like navigating the page and checking out the company’s profile and its services since no one is there to assist them. This also gives customers the chance to seek the best among thousands of insurance companies without leaving their houses or going anywhere.
  1. Application is quick and easy.

Basically, there are three quick and easy steps to follow when purchasing life insurance online which makes it a little more convenient compared to buying from an agent who’s likely to require several forms to fill up. But before you proceed with the registration, make sure that you have chosen the best plan or coverage you’re going to apply for and fully reviewed and understand its terms and conditions.

  • First, visit the insurance company’s website and register to create your account.
  • Choose your plan and fill in the required personal information.  
  • Upload certain documents including proof of address, income, etc.

The process of registration and some information details may vary according to the company’s website. Take note that if you encounter certain issues in the middle of your application, there are representatives from the online chat that may assist you with your concerns.
  1. You avail smaller premiums.

Another interesting benefit of online insurance companies is that they offer you smaller premiums which are 25% lower than the offline version. Mainly because they do not involve agents that act as an intermediary between the company and the purchaser, thus saving on expenses of the company. This is one factor that reduces the cost of plans.   
  1. You can access the right features and options

7 out 10 Australians believe that direct life insurance can provide easier to understand policies which allow the purchasers to access the website’s features and policy options in a quick and easy way. The direct insurer also matches the purchasers to the best plan that will work best for them, supported with all the information and facets of the policy.
  1. You have the freedom to control.

Instead of giving the best type of policy that will match to the needs and capacities of purchasers, some agents would invite you to choose what is more expensive so they could earn an increased commission. While if you buy a policy direct from the insurer, you have the freedom to decide on what policy would best fit for you.

By: Sarah Contreras

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication with expertise in marketing and media management. She currently works as a full-time content contributor for a digital marketing firm. What motivates Sarah to keep writing is her passion of providing information to all readers out there.
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