Tips to confirm whether a website is good or bad for guest posting

Guest posting on a blogging website is when an independent write with the consent of the owner of the website publishes an article on the website. The owner of the website would surely screen the article before it gets published. The article would bring in traffic to the website, as well as bring recognition to the writer for his post. Mostly guest posing is done by individual blog writers themselves to get more traction and attract more people to their sites. Usually the writer asks the owner of the website to allow him to add a link to his own website so that the user's which would cause more users to visit his own website which generate a bigger audience for him and add to his own website traffic. This would also ensure that the writer has authentic and original content.  Established blog writers allow other blog writers to guest post in order to gain a wider sense of readers and form a collaboration. Only sometimes will an established blog writer allow a newcomer or amateur write to post something on his own website.

Lets see a few advantages of guest posting:

·       Links and Authority

In the modern era when an established writer allows another writer to publish his material he is asserting his dominance over him. Also encouraging genuine and good content the website will            l thrive to become a genuine source of information on that particular topic. The guest writer is getting a promotion and reviews on his article and in turn becoming an authoritative figure himself by gaining the trust and admiration of the readers who like his post.

·       Writing Improvement

Writing is an art. Shakespeare or Dan Brown did not become masterpiece writers instant. They have written, re-written and edited article's a thousand times before they got so much better than others that their works are now considered as the gold standard in writing. The guest writer would improve his writing skills, whereas the owner would benefit from researching, fact checking and editing the article. This mutual benefit makes it an ideal reason why most writers welcome guest posts with open arms. What other better way is there to improve someone's writing ability than this.

·       Money Matters

As much as we would wish all writers to make enough money to easily sustain themselves and live a content life; only a selected blogger manages to generate enough money through their works to live their life solely on that source of living. Most of the blog writers have other day jobs while blogging is their hobby or just another thing that they do. Due to this reason it is common for guest writer's to be paid by these writer's to maintain a healthy amount of traffic on their website when they would otherwise be busy and unable to post an article for long duration's of time.

·       Introduction

Guest blogging is an exiting and an ideal platform to post a radical or new topic which no one had addressed before. By doing so the writer can gain invaluable information and the views of the masses. Positive responses could be the spark of inspiration for the writer to start his own blog based on this new topic.

Now that we have established why guest posting is a great idea lets check out some ways it could be a bad idea for the website or the writer of the website. The following are a few reasons on why guest posing should be a carefully screened process and how the owner could avoid or rectify them.

·       Content

It is paramount that the content which is going to be published is authentic and unplagiarized. Also, grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes would make the writer to be incompetent and the website to be careless. Fact checking and editing of the article is another aspect which is very vital before the article gets published. Also the nature of the topic should be related to the previous article posted on the website. The method of writing of the two writers should not be polar opposites to each other, It could make the audience bifurcated.

·       Promotion

It is quite important that the article which is going to be published is actually a decent article if not a good one. Only promotion or spam articles need to be disgruntedly shunned. Giving tips on how to improve or correcting mistakes of guest writers when they send in a draft is a good thing, but it is necessary to maintain the level of the posts on the website.

·       Back-links

As I said before, In the 21st century money matters a lot. Ensure that there are not multiple backlinks or the guest writer is not taking undue advantages of your graciousness. If the post is not good enough, the readers would think that it was written with the intention of getting a backlink which would irk some of the best followers.

The above-mentioned reasons are practical and realistic reasons to encourage as well as avoid guest posting. Of course, giving enough time to a guest post would guarantee that the post would work in the favor of birth the parties. An editing and screening process would cause a world of good for the website and increase its content, views, the rate of posts and a larger audience. In my opinion guest posting done correctly would help both the writers and the readers to grow. It gives responsibility to both the writers to come together to form a partnership and create something unique. The readers may love it or they may not. But giving it a try would surely be a good approach. Both writers should also realize when they have established themselves and stop allowing or writing guest posts. This is a learning step. There are more sectors to grow and improve as a writer. Nobody likes a one trick pony.

Authot Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she write many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.
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