How Does the Changing Teacher-Student Relationship Have Positively Influenced the Academics?

In olden days students and teacher didn’t have much rapport sessions. It is 100% sure that if students and teachers have good communication and understanding, then a positive impact is visible in student’s academic journey. In this modern era everything has changed including the teaching method, curriculum and class activities. Most important fact is that the mindset of society has changed. Teachers care to build a good rapport with students which naturally affects their teaching-learning process. When teacher communicate like a friend students feel free and open. They may be able to share their some difficulties in a particular subject or they will show the guts to share their personal troubles too. In such cases teacher should not overreact. Instead of that she must be able to understand the mindset and psychology of students and should pass some counseling sessions to the student. As a teacher, I am friendly with my students and always tried to help them in some troubles. As we all know personal and home problems have a direct effect on their studies. So if a child is not focusing on studies and not able to concentrate or behave awkwardly in the classroom we should not come to the conclusion that he or she is over smart or naughty. They maybe have some personal problems which compelled them to behave badly. Such problems can be identified only when a teacher goes close to their students. It can really have great impact on their studies.

Changes the student’s attitude

When a teacher is strict and not friendly, students will not show any kind of interest and willingness towards the class. But if she is friendly and delivers good rapport with students, naturally they show their interest and try to give their 100% in the classroom. Once they get attached to that teacher then they will change their attitude towards the classroom and will show their interest in studies. They will put their maximum effort to complete their home works due to the love for the subject and teacher.

Helps to reduce stress

As we know academic life is filled with stress and it’s not easy to complete the academic journey without the support of teachers. So if a teacher is friendly and develops a good rapport with students it can reduce the stress on students to some extent. They can share their problems and their difficulties in learning the lesson. They can ask their help too such helping hand is a big relief to the students. Some students never ask any doubt and question with the teacher because they are afraid of the reaction by the teacher. Some introvert students suffer a lot in such cases. So a teacher should always provide help to every individual.  Good relationship between teacher and students has definitely influences their behavior and also their perspective on education.

Positive impact on classroom

A good relationship with the teacher will help to develop a positive environment in the classroom. To make the teaching-learning process easy and effective it’s very important that students must accept and listen to what the teacher says. So when the teacher is friendly it’s natural that the classroom will be more interesting and active. Here every student will participate in all activities and in discussion.

The teacher has an important role in the development of the student. If the teacher provides good moral and mental support then the student will not feel much stress and will be less aggressive. Students can effectively deal with behavioral problems in the classroom. So the teacher must be trained and they should be well processed with the curriculum in which the priority is given to developing teacher-students relationship.

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